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Online Master of Science Degree inNursing

Elevate Patient Care Through Nursing

A Master’s in Nursing can empower you to advance your career while shaping healthcare at a higher, more strategic level. Earn your seat among healthcare executives and decision makers, and lend your voice as an essential member of practice management and evidence-based care delivery. Further tailor your career with curriculum tracks in either Leadership and Administration in Nursing or Military and Veteran Healthcare.

Please note: MSN program applicants must possess a bachelor's degree, registered nurse (RN) license, and three years of nursing experience.

Program Start Dates are available for A and C terms only. You may review the academic calendar here.


Career Outlook

148,561 JOB OPENINGS There are nearly 150k open positions in the U.S. that require a master’s in nursing. (Burning Glass, 2019)

$100,980 AVERAGE SALARY Medical and Health Services Managers earn over $100k per year. (BLS, 2019)

NURSE MANAGER OR DIRECTOR, CHIEF NURSING OFFICER, DIRECTOR OF QUALITY AND PATIENT SAFETY Commonly held roles of individuals with a master’s in nursing degree.

Nursing Responsibilities

Improve the quality of healthcare for patients.

Ensure continuity of care with other teams or specialties.

Represent teams at hospital leadership events.

Manage teams of nurses at a hospital or independent practice.

What will I learn in an online Master’s Degree in Nursing program?

The online Master of Science in Nursing will provide the knowledge required to thrive in roles that include nurse manager, chief nursing officer, care quality director, and more. The curriculum will address the latest in pharmacology, health assessments, and quality assurance, as well as rapidly evolving technologies around healthcare technology and nursing informatics.

You’ll learn how to improve outcomes in areas of quality processes, budget management, and care delivery across the healthcare continuum. The program includes asynchronous online learning paired with on-site practicum experiences.

Learn Valuable Skills

This program will provide an advanced understanding of theory and best practices of individuals in management positions of hospitals, care delivery systems, and private practices. The curriculum addresses topics including program planning for health promotion, advanced pathophysiology, and more. Additional learning outcomes include:

  • Demonstrate competence in the integration of nursing and the related sciences required to analyze, design, implement, and evaluate aggregate outcomes of nursing care in diverse populations.
  • Apply leadership skills and decision making in the provision of quality and safe care delivery to individuals, populations, or communities across healthcare delivery systems.
  • Analyze information and systems related to continuous quality initiatives that promote evidence-based practice and improved healthcare outcomes.
  • Apply research outcomes in the practice setting, resolve practice outcomes across healthcare environments and communicate results intended to advance clinical practice.
  • Demonstrate competence in the application and determination of appropriate health care informatics and emergent technologies designed to improve health care outcomes. 
  • Advocate for policies that lead to improved health outcomes for populations and improvement of the quality of the healthcare system. 
  • Demonstrate competence in the communication, collaboration, and consultation skills required to advance interprofessional teams and partnerships. 
  • Advocate for culturally competent and ethical care that promotes health and improvement of health among individuals, populations, or communities. 
  • Be committed to personal and professional growth through continuing education and lifelong learning. 
  • Demonstrate competence in a chosen area of advanced practice that promotes positive health care outcomes for individuals, populations, or systems.

Please note: MSN program applicants must possess a bachelor's degree, registered nurse (RN) license, and three years of nursing experience.

Courses in this Degree:

Classes Start Feb 14th

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Core Degree Courses (21 Credits)

  • NUR500 Evidenced-Based Research and Quality Assurance in Nursing
    In this graduate level course, nursing students will acquire the skills needed to evaluate evidence-based research and outcomes. Topics include using statistics and information systems in evaluation and research, continuous quality improvement, evidence-based research and practice, safety and quality metrics, performance improvement indicators, and team-based problem solving.
  • NUR501 Advanced Pathophysiology
    In this course, graduate nursing students will focus on pathophysiology and disruptions in normal body functioning for individuals across the lifespan. Students will examine the principles of disease and health disparities resulting from genetic, environmental, and stress related causes are included. Assessment findings, diagnostic testing and interventions specific to selected health problems are examined. Students will develop critical thinking skills for pathophysiologic causes and treatments of given disease processes.
  • NUR502 Advanced Health Assessment
    In this course, nursing students will build upon health assessment skills developed by the nurse's basic educational program and previous nursing experience. Students will develop both advanced theoretical and clinical bases for assessment. Students will apply advanced comprehensive physical, psychosocial, and cultural assessment across the lifespan to gather specific data relevant to common health problems. Students are provided with practice assessing patients and presenting findings.
  • NUR503 Advanced Pharmacology
    In this course, nursing students will focus on pharmacology and therapeutics used in the treatment of selected health conditions. The student will explore, analyze, apply, and evaluate commonly used drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases and self-limiting acute conditions and apply critical appraisal skills in determining best evidence for prescriptive intervention. Emphasis is placed on the decision-making process utilized to safely and effectively prescribe and monitor pharmacotherapeutics appropriate to the client situation.
  • NUR504 Health Policy in Nursing
  • NUR505 Program Planning for Health Promotion
    In this course, students will focus on the role of the nurse leader in program planning for health promotion and disease prevention for populations. Topics will include determinants of health, epidemiology, biostatistics, and advancing equity in access, services, and outcomes for vulnerable populations.
  • NUR506 Nursing Technology and Health Informatics
    In this course, students will gain knowledge and skills related to technology and nursing informatics in a variety of healthcare settings. Students will learn how to use project management principles and technologies to enhance patient-care delivery, management, and clinical decision support. Nursing students will examine the role and ethics of telemedicine and evaluate approaches to patient care reliant on technology. Research from nursing and other disciplines regarding improving patient outcomes, cost effectiveness, and patient safety will be emphasized.

Curriculum Tracks

When you earn your master's degree through CSU Global, you will customize it with a track that matches your professional goals or personal interests.

Leadership and Administration in Nursing

This track is designed to advance your knowledge and skills to become an effective nursing leader. You’ll learn how to critically analyze, evaluate, and develop solutions in response to emerging trends and issues in nursing practice and healthcare. You’ll explore cultural competence, nursing informatics, finance, human resources, and evidence-based practices.

Leadership & Administration Courses

  • NUR510 - Leadership and Human Capital Management
  • NUR511 - Financial Management for Nurse Leaders
  • NUR512 - Nursing Leadership and Change Management
  • NUR513 - Principles of Nursing Research
  • NUR514 - Nursing Administration Role Practicum

Military and Veteran Healthcare

This track will prepare you to serve the unique needs of military-affiliated patients and their family members. You’ll examine the context and structures of the healthcare systems serving military and veteran communities, assess the impact of service-connected injury and disability on quality patient care, and explore the unique cultural attributes associated with the healthcare of military affiliated patients.

Military & Veteran Healthcare Courses

  • NUR520 - Military and Veteran Healthcare Systems
  • NUR521 - Veteran Healthcare
  • NUR522 - Military and Veteran Mental Wellness
  • NUR523 - Military and Veteran Family Health Management
  • NUR524 - Military and Veteran Nursing Practicum

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