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Become a More Effective Educator and Enhance Your Leadership Skills With a Master’s in Teaching and Learning

As a teaching and learning expert, you could teach K-12 students, adult learners, school administrators, corporate trainers, special education teachers, or instructional designers. Though, if you’re ready to gain advanced skills and abilities needed to succeed in this challenging field, you may want to consider getting your M.S. in Teaching and Learning.

Completing your Master’s Degree program in Teaching will prepare you for leadership roles in the field, providing you with the knowledge and expertise needed to manage organizational tasks like overseeing school curricula, developing and implementing instructional materials, coordinating teaching standards, and assessing the effectiveness of educational programs.

Whether you’re an established and experienced teacher, or you’re looking to break into the education field, our graduate teaching program could be the catalyst needed to achieve a promotion into education leadership, or land a role in a series of important teaching roles, including positions within child care centers, elementary and middle schools, high school or secondary education systems, or in non-traditional education or leadership roles.

If you have a passion for teaching and you’re excited by the prospect of helping students develop their own love of learning, then consider earning your online Master’s in Teaching and Learning with CSU Global.


Career Outlook

76% OF ALUMNI WORKING IN THEIR FIELD Graduates from CSU Global’s M.S. in Teaching and Learning report extremely high rates of working in the field after completing their program.

EDUCATOR, LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER, TEACHER Top three titles as reported by CSU Global’s online Master’s in Teaching and Learning alumni.

$96,400 ESTIMATED ANNUAL SALARY According to the BLS, the average annual salary for Elementary, Middle, and High School Principals is over $96,000.

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New to Teaching Online?

CSU Global has launched a FREE course on K-12 online teaching, available to educators who are teaching in an online environment for the first time.


Watch a Quick 2-Minute Overview

This short video covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Why you should consider getting an M.S. in Teaching and Learning.
  • What you’ll learn in our online Master’s Degree in Teaching.
  • Why you should pick CSU Global’s Teaching and Learning Master’s program.

What Will You Learn From Our M.S. in Teaching and Learning?

Getting your Master of Science in Teaching and Learning from CSU Global will prepare you to assume the role of an educational leader by elevating your leadership competencies, intellect, and professional knowledge of K-12 education best and emerging practices.

As a graduate from CSU Global’s online M.S. in Teaching program, you’ll build skills in instruction, research-based practices, program development, and program management in K-12 environments, as well as non-traditional settings.

Our Teaching Master’s program will help you master specific educational needs by training you to analyze and evaluate teaching and learning principles in a variety of settings, emphasizing:

Instruction and research-based practices.

  • Teaching and learning principles that help meet specific educational needs.
  • Program development and management in both traditional and non-traditional settings.

Through rigorous and relevant coursework that includes both implementing and assessing project-based outcomes, you’ll develop the techniques needed to design and deploy effective educational programs that inspire lifelong learning.

Please note: CSU Global does not provide educator licensing or endorsement.

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Skills You’ll Develop in Our Online Master’s Program in Teaching and Learning

CSU Global’s online teaching graduate program will help you develop both the hard and soft skills needed to develop, administer, evaluate, and manage educational programs as a leader in the field.

As a teaching and learning professional, you’re already committed to the education of future generations, but our Master of Science in Teaching and Learning program can elevate your leadership competencies and intellect by training you to:

  • Examine various learning theories and design teaching and assessment strategies for specific learning environments.
  • Acquire advanced instructional and design principles.
  • Explore and facilitate the use of contemporary and emergent technologies relevant to learning environments.
  • Apply skills for effective program planning and development within an educational setting.

What Online Teaching and Learning Courses Will You Take?

CSU Global’s Master of Science program in Teaching and Learning requires the completion of 36 total credits, including a mix of Core Degree Courses and Degree Specialization Courses.

Classes Start Feb 14th

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Core Degree Courses (24 Credits)

  • RES501* Fundamentals of Research and Writing
    This course is only required for students who are accepted into this program with an undergraduate GPA below 3.00. The primary purpose of this course is to help students entering graduate level programs at CSU-Global develop awareness of current and effective research and writing practices with the goal of implementing such practices into their writing and research projects. Students will learn what constitutes graduate level writing and research as well as how to communicate with colleagues in online professional forums. Students will also learn to effectively integrate writing and research skills into the writing projects they will pursue throughout their graduate level programs.
  • OTL502 Learning Theories and Models of Instruction
    This course provides students with an introduction to learning theories. A variety of theoretical constructs are studied to address diverse learning styles and conceptual frameworks for engaging learners. Students will explore theoretical perspectives on learning, cognition, and cognitive development. By examining a range of principles, perspectives and tools, students will gain an understanding of learning and teaching in a variety of contexts. Students will use problem solving, application, and evaluation skills to analyze the theories and practices of educational organizations.
  • OTL504 Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues in 21st Century Learning
    This course provides educators with an overview of the legal, ethical, and social issues that are unique in the 21st century learning environment. Topics such as learner privacy online, the appropriate uses of newer technologies, copyright, and intellectual property on the Internet will be presented. Students will also examine privacy law and contemporary legal issues of the 21st century classrooms.
  • OTL539 Theory and Practice in Backward Design
    Introduction to instructional system design theories and models used in Pre-K-12 learning environments and nontraditional settings with a focus on backward design. This course is a replacement course for OTL540k as of the 2017-2018 Fall term. Students cannot receive credit for both these courses.
  • OTL545 Technology and Innovation
    This course presents how present and emerging technologies are transforming society and schools and the implications these changes have for teaching and learning. Strategies for building students' critical thinking habits, innovation, and creativity with respect to new technologies and media will be developed in the context of 21st century literacies (information, visual, etc.). Students will explore the practical context for the use of technology and will develop skills that identify and address the challenge of using technology creatively in teaching and learning situations today.
  • OTL547 Evaluation and Assessment
    Examination of methods and techniques for evaluation and assessment of learning in Pre-K-12 settings with a focus on instructional improvement and student achievement. Students who take OTL541K will not be able to apply this credit towards any program requiring OTL547. Students in the Masters of Science in Teaching and Learning program prior to the 2017-2018 Fall trimester take OTL541k.
  • OTL565 Cultural Responsiveness in the Differentiated Classroom
    An examination of the theories and concepts that define cultural responsiveness with an emphasis on the theory and methods for creating multiple pathways of learning to accommodate students with varying backgrounds of knowledge, readiness, language, interest, and learning styles.
  • OTL581 Capstone: Researching Effective Educational Programming
    This capstone course brings together the knowledge and skills needed to define and research an educational problem or professional practice. Students utilize data, strategy, research skills, analytical tools, theoretical models, and decision sciences in this research project that can be of strategic benefit to a professional or educational organization.
  • OTL579** Capstone - Research-Based Professional Project
    This research-based course is an opportunity for students to integrate and synthesize their learning across the program curriculum and demonstrate the skills needed to be an effective educator in today's global community. The culminating professional project will be framed around nationally recognized educator effectiveness knowledge, skills, and standards that can be of strategic benefit to a professional or educational organization. Prerequisite: All core and specialization courses. Course not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit.

* Master’s Plus - Some M.S. in Teaching and Learning students may be required to take RES501 as part of their program if they have an undergraduate GPA below 3.00. In this case, the degree is 39 credits.

** Students who started prior to the 2013-2014 Winter-A term may select to complete OTL599 as their capstone degree requirement instead of these options.

Degree Specialization (12 Credits)

When you earn your master's degree through CSU Global, you will customize it with a graduate specialization in a subject that matches your professional goals or personal interests. 

Most Popular Specializations:

Additional Available Specializations for this Program:

Download the Specializations Chart
View a list of all CSU Global specializations and the degree programs they can be paired with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Consider a Master’s in Teaching & Learning?

Getting your Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning may help you climb the career ladder, making you eligible for better, more leadership-oriented roles in education, including management positions at child care centers, elementary and middle schools, high schools and secondary education systems, and in non-traditional settings.

Completing a teaching master’s program will prepare you to take charge as an effective educational administrator, leading important organizational tasks like:

  • Overseeing school curricula.
  • Developing and implementing instructional materials.
  • Coordinating and teaching standards.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of educational programs.

Whether you already have experience in teaching and teaching administration, or you’re looking to enhance your resume to improve the chances of landing a more senior role in the field, getting your M.S. in Teaching and Learning is a great way to develop the skills and credentials you need to improve your marketability for leadership positions.

What Can You Do With a Master’s Degree in Teaching & Learning?

Getting a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning will prepare you to become an educational leader, developing your skills in instruction, research-based practices, program development and management in K-12 environments, and non-traditional settings.

The courses you complete in this program will provide you with all the skills and abilities needed to take on the daily job duties required of teachers and professional education administrators, who are commonly tasked with:

  • Designing and delivering effective instruction, based on research.
  • Meeting specific educational needs by following effective teaching and learning principles.
  • Developing and managing educational programs in both traditional and nontraditional settings. 
  • Promoting lifelong learning and academic excellence.

What Jobs Can You Get With an M.S. Degree in Teaching & Learning?

Your master’s courses in teaching and learning will hone the skills and abilities needed to assume a variety of important leadership and managerial roles in education, helping you prepare for career advancement into positions like:

Can You Get a Master’s in Teaching & Learning Online?

Yes. CSU Global’s online Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission—which has the highest accreditation standards and is only awarded following an investigation by independent, external auditors.

Regional accreditation proves that CSU Global:

  • Ensures that the degree prepares students for relevant careers in the field.
  • Provides financial and other assistance to students who want it.
  • Employs faculty members who are adequately qualified to teach their courses.
  • Uses ethical strategies to attract prospective students.

Our 100% online accredited Teaching and Learning program was designed to help you juggle education, work, and family responsibilities, with monthly class starts, accelerated eight-week courses, and no requirements for showing up at set times or physical locations.

Is a Master’s Degree in Teaching & Learning Really Worth It?

Yes. Completing a Master’s program in Teaching and Learning is a valuable investment in your career, and could play a significant role in helping contribute to your overall career advancement.

Whether you want to work for a child care center, public or private elementary or middle school, public or private high school or secondary education system, or in a non-traditional educational setting, our M.S. in Teaching and Learning will prepare you to take charge as an effective educator and organizational leader.

Why Should You Choose CSU Global’s Online Master’s in Teaching & Learning?

Why should you consider getting your Master’s in Teaching and Learning online with CSU Global?

  • Our program is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
  • Our program won a #2 ranking for Affordable Master’s K-12 Teaching Online Degree Programs from Best Value Schools.
  • Our program will prepare you to serve as a teaching and learning expert, teaching K-12 students, adult learners, school administrators, corporate trainers, special education teachers, and instructional designers.

How much will my degree cost?

Tuition Rates

Your education should increase your earning potential, not your monthly bills.

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Financial Aid

You may be eligible to receive financial aid to help cover the cost of your education.

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Why You Should Earn Your Online Master’s Degree

Earning your online master’s degree through CSU Global provides you with more than just the diploma you need to get noticed. With an emphasis on real world concepts and career-relevant skills, you get training and experience along with your credit hours. Additionally, CSU Global strives to make your education as affordable as possible. With our Tuition Guarantee, your tuition rate won’t increase over time! Instead, you’ll enjoy the same low rate for the duration of your enrollment at CSU Global.

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Regional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) means your degree comes from a top quality, trusted university.


CSU Global was ranked #2 on Best Value Schools’ Top 10 Cheap Online Master’s in K-12 Teaching and Education Degree Programs list.


In Best Value Schools’ Best Teaching Degrees 2018, CSU Global lands #18 spot.


In Best Colleges’ Schools of Distinction standings, CSU Global earns one of only 15 gold rankings, out of more than 2,000 online degree programs.


Guide to Online Schools identifies CSU Global as one of the top military-friendly online institutions.

“CSU Global has wonderful professors and a manageable schedule and format to hep me as a working professional further my education. I appreciate everything I have learned as a student at CSU Global, and know it will be helpful in my career.”


Teaching and Learning Student

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