Offices and Services

Colorado State University Global is proud to set the standard for quality and innovation in higher education, and our team of faculty, staff and administrators are committed to developing professionals for the workforce of the future.

Executive Leadership Team

Pamela Toney, MS, MBA, President

Paul Savory, PhD, Executive Vice President & Provost 

Patti Arroyo, Vice President, Finance & Administration

Angela Hernquist, PhD, Vice President, Student Affairs

Sandra Jones, PhD, Vice President, Strategic Engagement 

Jim Smith, Vice President, Strategy

24/7 IT Support


Enrollment, Financial Aid & Registrar’s Office



enroll [at] 

Registrar’s Office 

Student Records: 800-462-7845 x5 
registrar [at] 

Registrar: stephanie.gonzalez2 [at] (Stephanie Gonzalez)

Associate Registrar: bradley.sutton [at] (Bradley Sutton) 

Director of Student Financial Services: janine.smith [at] (Janine Smith) 

Associate Director of Enrollment Operations: ryan.anderson1 [at] (Ryan Anderson) 

Student Success and Services

Student Success 
Phone: 877-900-2655 
Email: student.success [at] 

Disability and Accessibility Services
Phone: 720-279-0650
Email: ada [at] 

Director of Student Success: sabrina.casas [at] (Sabrina Casas)

Disability and Accessibility Services Coordinator: megan.mock [at] (Megan Mock)  

Director of Student Experience: jerid.counterman [at] (Jerid Counterman) 

Military Benefits Team Lead: jessica.roeger [at] (Jessica Roger) 

Director of Library Services: jeffrey.wahl [at] (Jeff Wahl)

External & Media Relations

Press/Media Inquiries: news [at] 

Manager of External Relations: jenna.tarleton [at] (Jenna Tarleton) 


Partnerships Inquiries: parternships [at] 

Manager of Strategic Partnerships: jamie.korns [at] (Jamie Korns)

Marketing & Communications 

Marketing Inquiries: marketing [at] 

Associate Director of Brand Management Services: enoch.fredericks [at] (Enoch Fredericks)

Marketing Manager: marketing [at] (Hammond Lake)

University Communications Manager: betsy.piland [at] (Betsy Piland)  

Finance, Administration & Compliance 

Human Resources: hr [at]

Accounting: accounting [at]

Assistant Controller: xochil.herrera [at] (Xochill Herera) 

Director of Human Resources: lena.kukharchuk [at] (Lena Kukharchuck) 

Assistant Director of IT: roger.seflinger [at] (Roger Seflinger) 


Faculty Support: [at]

Dean of Academic Programs: annmarie.marlier [at] (AnnMarie Marlier, PhD)

AVP Digital Learning and Innovation: andrea.butler [at] (Andrea Butler)