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Customize Your Master's Degree with a Graduate Specialization

Your master's degree from CSU Global will open a lot of doors, but you can be sure you're specifically opening the ones that are of the most interest to you by adding a specialization that matches your specific professional goals or personal interests.

Specializations allow you a level of customization in regards to your academic experience, focusing on the particular areas of knowledge that interest you most, or that are the most valuable to your intended career path.

Enroll in your master's degree program first, then select a specialization. Not all specializations are available for every degree program. Visit the program page for the online master's degree you're interested in to find out which specializations are available.

Each specialization consists of four graduate courses, for 12 credit hours, which supplement the courses you'll take for your major. Similar to a minor or degree concentration, a specialization allows you to explore a second area of interest. In this way, every master's degree through CSU Global is tailored to the student's specific needs, interests, and career goals.


Master's Degree Specializations

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