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Gain Industry Expertise Fast with an Online Graduate Certificate

At CSU Global, we understand that you may want to increase your knowledge of a subject, or gain skills quickly.

We also understand that in today’s changing economy, stackable credentials are an important tool that you can utilize immediately in the workplace, while building credits toward a full degree. That’s why we created our Online Graduate Certificates program.

What is a Graduate Certificate?

A graduate certificate is a stand-alone, transcribable certification that showcases your proficiency in a specific subject. The graduate certificate you earn at CSU Global is recognized nationally by educational institutions and professional organizations. Title IV financial aid is now available to all degree-seeking students enrolled in CSU Global undergraduate- and graduate-level online certificate programs..


Stackable Credentials: The Next Phase of Career Development

Stackable credentials refer to an accumulation of academically-based qualifications that provide verification of a small, defined set of skills and abilities which can help job-seekers be highly desirable to employers as they seek higher paying jobs or transitions to new roles.

Such credentials when later ‘stacked’ onto other credentials can also help holders to obtain a credential on the path to a full degree. For job seekers or employees, stackable credentials are valuable investments that can increase their market competitiveness and provide a tangible return-on-investment.