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Leverage Your Passion for IT into a Dynamic Career with a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management

Prepare yourself for a leadership role in a variety of fast-paced, technology-rich environments with an online Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management from CSU Global.

Completing your M.S. in IT Management will provide the leadership and skills required for high-level IT operations and planning, training you to use cutting-edge technology to generate optimal business outcomes.

As an IT management professional, you may be responsible for applying programming skills, troubleshooting technical issues, recommending software and hardware systems, and meeting various technology goals. The CSU Global Master’s Program in IT Management can prepare you to rise to the challenge.

Your skills, abilities, and expertise will help you evaluate and implement IT operations to meet organizational objectives, while your options for specializing in specific fields like informatics, software engineering, and cybersecurity will give you a leg up on the competition.

Open doors for career advancement and find the perfect professional fit in the industry you love: Earn your online Master’s in IT Management at CSU Global.


Career Outlook

100% OF ALUMNI WORKING IN THEIR FIELD M.S. in IT Management alumni from CSU Global report extremely high rates of working in the IT field after completing the program.

IT SUPPORT SPECIALIST, IT QUALITY ASSURANCE ANALYST, SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR Top three job titles as reported by Master’s of IT Management alumni from CSU Global.

$151,150 ESTIMATED ANNUAL STARTING SALARY According to the BLS, the average annual salary for computer and information systems managers is more than$150k.

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What Will You Learn in Our M.S. in IT Management Program?

Getting your Master of Science Degree in Information Technology Management from CSU Global will prepare you for leadership roles in the fast-paced technology sector of a global organization, opening doors for career advancement, and allowing you to find your perfect fit in the industry.

As a graduate from CSU Global’s online IT Management program, you’ll build confidence by developing skills needed for strategic planning and efficient implementation of IT operations, a deep understanding of a variety of global perspectives, and a comprehensive awareness of current best practices and emerging technology at the enterprise level.

Our IT Management master’s program will prepare you to excel in advanced IT management roles using your new project management skills and your increased knowledge about how to design and deploy effective technical advancements.

The technical topics you study will prepare you for a number of IT responsibilities, including vital roles like:

  • Data processing manager.
  • Computing services director.
  • Chief information officer.
  • Information systems manager.

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Skills You'll Develop in Our Online Master's Program in IT Management

CSU Global’s online IT Management graduate program will help you develop both hard and soft skills needed for high-level IT operations and planning.

After successfully completing our online M.S. in IT Management, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Align organizational and IT objectives to accomplish common strategic business goals.
  • Demonstrate effective and efficient technological solutions for issues in a complex enterprise.
  • Recommend and execute technology-based solutions that are aligned with the strategic and operational objectives of the organization.
  • Evaluate the potential ethical and legal ramifications of information technology in a given environment.
  • Communicate IT plans and recommendations to decision-making groups and other stakeholders.

If your professional goal is to prepare for a career in IT management, or as a senior leader in a technology-driven industry, then this program may be the perfect fit for you.

What IT Management Courses Will You Take?

CSU Global’s Master of Science program in Information Technology Management requires the completion of 36 total credits, including a mix of Core Degree Courses and Degree Specialization Courses.

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Courses in this Degree

Core Degree Courses (24 Credits)

  • RES500* Fundamentals of Quantitative Analysis
    This course explores four major components of research for graduate program: business research and descriptive statistics, fundamentals of accounting analysis, fundamentals of financial analysis, and decision making through statistical and logical methods. The course includes quantitative methods to support research methodologies. The course is not intended to provide an in-depth study of these components but provides basic knowledge to support intensive learning that will occur in the core courses of their programs. Course not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit.
  • ISM501 IT Management
    This course prepares students to analyze organizational issues in information technology (IT) and proposed the necessary solutions to address business needs. Students gain a detailed understanding of how to manage, oversee, plan and maintain IT systems and resources. Students also learn how to effectively manage IT professionals as either employees or outside consultants. Topics include: IT management principles, IT risk management, project management, systems maintenance and leadership.
  • ISM511 Managing Virtualized and Cloud Systems
    This course prepares students to manage and develop technology solutions utilizing both virtualized and cloudbased systems. Students gain an understanding of various virtualization technologies and how they should be implemented. Additionally students evaluate a variety of cloudbased solutions and providers to increase organizational efficiency, redundancy and business continuity. Topics include: comparison of cloud-providers and technologies, the implementation and maintenance of virtualized infrastructure and servers and how to design fault-tolerant systems with virtualization technology.
  • ISM521 Management Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Systems
    This course prepares students to design, evaluate and manage enterprise-level systems commonly used in mission critical applications. Students gain knowledge in a variety of common enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications such as payroll, budgeting, human resources, inventory and sales. Topics include systems selection, maintenance and planning. Additionally the ability to compare and contrast distinct service providers is also presented.
  • ISM525 Ethical Considerations in Managing Information Technology
    This course provides information about the ethical considerations and issues that IT professionals encounter in the workplace given their exposure to data, various forms of electronic communication, and other types of information. Students will evaluate and interpret information technology policies and regulations and discuss the implications for ethical decisions by IT professionals and IT leadership.
  • ISM545 Information Technology Auditing and Assurance
    This course provides students with a foundation and understanding of IT auditing services used in mid-sized to large organizations. Students will focus on security, integrity, and availability of information systems while integrating financial, performance, and operational auditing and assurance services.
  • ISM550 Information Systems and Security
    This course presents a broad overview of possible issues and dangers that can compromise information systems in the workplace. Students learn the roles, responsibilities, and essential tools needed by IT Managers to secure an organization's data and operations.
  • ISM561 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    This course cover a variety of concepts in the areas of business continuity and disaster recover. Students gain an understanding of business continuity strategies, business impact analysis, recovery point objectives (RTO and RPO), planning techniques and also how to recover from disasters. Topics include risk assessment, fault tolerance, risk acceptance, risk transfer, backup strategies, off-site storage and business resilience.
  • ISM581 Capstone — Information Technology Management
    The capstone course allows the students to review an organization’s needs and address all the challenges involved with implementing and or changing information technology in a complex organization. Students will analyze organizational objectives and propose a solution and a full implementation plan. The proposed solution must address strategies for overcoming the challenges of IT related projects such as assessing risks, reduction of funding, and keeping the support of executive management. Students will utilize skills gained throughout the program to demonstrate the ability to design an IT project from conception to post deployment.

* Master’s Plus - Some Master’s in Information Technology Management students may also be required to take RES500 as part of their program if they have an undergraduate GPA below 3.00. In this case, the degree is 39 credits.

Degree Specialization (12 Credits)

When you earn your online master's degree through CSU Global, you will customize it with a graduate specialization in a subject that matches your professional goals or personal interests. 

Most Popular Specializations:

Additional Available Specializations for this Program:

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View a list of all CSU Global specializations and the degree programs they can be paired with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Consider a Master’s in IT Management?

Getting your Master’s Degree in IT Management may help you climb the career ladder, making you eligible for leadership-oriented roles at organizations of all types, including private companies, public corporations, nonprofit organizations, and state and federal government agencies.

IT Management master’s programs prepare you to take charge as an organizational leader in the dynamic technology sector, giving you the skills needed to plan and executive efficient implementation of IT operations.

As an IT Management professional, you may be responsible for critical tasks, including:

  • Utilizing technical skills in programming and technology troubleshooting.
  • Recommending software and hardware systems.
  • Efficiently implementing IT operations to meet organization objectives.
  • Working independently and as part of a team to meet technology goals.

Whether you already have experience in IT and/or management, or you’re looking to enhance your résumé to improve the chances of landing a more senior role in the field, earning your M.S. in IT Management can be an excellent way to improve your marketability.

What Can You Do With a Master’s Degree in IT Management?

Getting a Master’s Degree in IT Management will prepare you for a variety of technology and leadership-driven roles, allowing you to provide value to any organization from day one.

Your IT Management master’s program will train you to take charge of IT operations by evaluating and implementing technology-driven solutions at the enterprise level.

The courses you complete will provide you with all the skills and abilities needed to take on the work duties required of IT management professionals, which could include:

  • Aligning organizational and IT objectives to accomplish strategic business goals.
  • Demonstrating effective and efficient technological solutions for a series of complicated issues.
  • Recommending and then executing technology-based solutions which are aligned to the strategic and operational needs of the organization.
  • Evaluating the potential ethical and legal ramifications of information technology in any given environment and situation.
  • Communicating IT plans and recommendations to decision-makers and key stakeholders.

What Jobs Can You Get With an M.S. Degree in IT Management?

Master’s courses in IT management will hone your skills and abilities for executing strategic planning and efficient implementation of information technology operations at the enterprise level.

Your increased understanding and awareness of the effective use of technical advancements and project management will improve your eligibility for assuming a variety of important advisory and leadership roles, with options for career advancement into positions like:

Can You Get an Accredited IT Management Master’s Degree Online?

Yes. CSU Global’s online Master’s Degree in IT Management is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission—which has the highest accreditation standards and is only awarded following an investigation by independent, external auditors.

Regional accreditation proves that CSU Global:

  • Ensures that the degree prepares students for relevant careers in the field.
  • Provides financial and other assistance to students who want it.
  • Employs faculty members who are adequately qualified to teach their courses.
  • Uses ethical strategies to attract prospective students.

Our 100% online accredited IT management program was designed to help you juggle education, work, and family responsibilities, with no requirements for attending class at set times or physical locations, monthly class starts, and accelerated eight-week courses.

Is a Master’s Degree in IT Management Really Worth It?

Yes. Completing a Master’s program in IT Management is a valuable investment in your career, and could play a significant role in helping contribute to your overall career advancement.

Whether you want to work for a private company, public corporation, nonprofit organization, federal, state or local government agency, the research, data analysis and decision making skills you hone in our M.S. in IT Management will prepare you to take charge as an organizational leader.

Earning your Master’s degree in IT management may help you continue to climb the career ladder, no matter what industry you choose to work in.

Why Should You Choose CSU Global’s Online Master’s in IT Management?

Why should you consider getting your Master’s in IT Management online with CSU Global?

How much will my degree cost?

Tuition Rates

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Financial Aid

You may be eligible to receive financial aid to help cover the cost of your education.

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Regional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) means your degree comes from a top quality, trusted university.


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“My courses at CSU Global have been challenging and fun. Professors encourage critical reasoning and writing and appreciate all points of view. The discussion boards are a great way to share opinions, knowledge and experience and be able to initiate dialog and learning. The course materials are stimulating and the portfolio projects provide the opportunity to use my research and writing skills.”



Why You Should Earn Your Online Master’s Degree

Earning your online master’s degree through CSU Global provides you with more than just the diploma you need to get noticed. With an emphasis on real world concepts and career-relevant skills, you get training and experience along with your credit hours. Additionally, CSU Global strives to make your education as affordable as possible. With our Tuition Guarantee, your tuition rate won’t increase over time! Instead, you’ll enjoy the same low rate for the duration of your enrollment at CSU Global.

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Learn Valuable Skills with a MS in IT Management Online

In preparation for a career in IT management, or as a senior leader in technology-driven industries, this program can help you accomplish the following learning outcomes:

  • Align organizational and IT objectives to accomplish common strategic business goals.
  • Demonstrate effective and efficient technological solutions for issues in a complex enterprise.
  • Recommend and execute technology-based solutions that are aligned with the strategic and operational objectives of the organization.
  • Evaluate the potential ethical and legal ramifications of information technology in a given environment.
  • Communicate IT plans and recommendations to decision-making groups and other stakeholders.