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Looking to improve your skill set and continue learning, without committing to a degree program?

Have you already attained your goal of earning a degree, and want to keep learning? Are you seeking to add new skills to your resume for a raise or promotion? Continuing education and certifications can elevate your career without the commitment that a degree requires.

Take Individual Courses for Your Interests and Goals

While we offer Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for students seeking a degree, we also offer continuing education courses, offered a la carte (pay-per-course) style, for those who consider themselves lifelong learners.

Whether you have already attained the degree of your choice, or simply want to take a specific course or set of courses without committing to a degree program, we offer the option to choose particular career-relevant courses and receive certifications that you can use toward your career advancement.

Our affordable tuition and pay-as-you-go continuing education courses ensure that you are only investing in courses as you take them and for those in which you are interested.

A Certificate Can Help You Take Your Career to the Next Level

Gain valuable skills, and gain them quickly. Looking to explore a specific subject and gain proven skills you can use in the workplace, without committing to a full degree program? Then a certificate of completion just might be for you.

With a certificate of completion, you can add important areas of mastery to your resume, or simply explore your personal interests.

Each certificate program consists of four graduate-level courses, for a total of 12 credit hours. See your options below, and decide what's going to make you stand out.

  • Accounting
    The accounting program is ideal for students interested in pursuing advanced business opportunities in financial planning, bookkeeping, or accounting fields.
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  • Applied Business Management
    Gain a competitive advantage and increase career prospects through this specialization or certificate of completion with a focus on practical business and management skills in accounting, financing, strategic development, organizational change, and more.
    Learn More
  • Contemporary Practices in K-12 Online Learning
    Educators looking to gain advanced knowledge of online learning within K-12 instruction should consider this program. Focus on the best practices and theories of knowledge on how to incorporate engaging curriculum into online environments and the specialization includes a hands-on practicum.
    Learn More
  • Criminal Justice Leadership
    he criminal justice field includes careers in security, courts, corrections, and forensics, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The graduate level Criminal Justice Leadership program provides advanced management skills to further your professional development.
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  • English Language Learning (ELL)
    Students in the English Language Learning program gain the experience and skills necessary to teach preK-12 students from diverse language backgrounds.
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  • Finance
    Gain insight and professional skills with regards to the bottom line through this program in finance. Career opportunities exist for accountants, investment bankers, payroll specialists, analysts, auditors, controllers, and more in this exciting field of study.
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  • Fraud Management
    The Fraud Management program is ideal for financial specialists focused on the prevention of deceitful practices and activity through the effective management and protection of sensitive information.
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  • Healthcare Administration
    Professionals interested in the management of healthcare facilities and departments should consider CSU-Global's online Healthcare Administration program in order to acquire knowledge and best practices for effective supervision and decision making in the healthcare field.
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  • Human Resource Performance
    Students who aim to improve an organization’s effectiveness through human resources should consider the Human Resource Performance program. Emphasis is on the successful management of organized labor employees in dynamic environments.
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  • Information Technology
    Managers, directors, and senior executives in information technology can gain vital knowledge to increase an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness in the marketplace through the advanced IT strategies and implementation training provided by this program.
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  • International Management
    In today’s global marketplace, effective leadership in any industry requires special skills. Students interested in pursuing a career with multi-national strategic vision benefit from the skills and application of knowledge obtained in the International Management program.
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  • K-12 Education Technology and Instructional Design
    This program is ideal for instructional designers, K-12 educators, K-12 technology specialists, and K-12 library and media specialists who want to expand their expertise to that of the K-12 online school and classroom.
    Learn More
  • Online Learning Innovation and Design
    Students of the Online Learning program gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create a powerful and engaging learning experience. Areas of study include the practical application of innovative and original instructional delivery, virtual learning environments, and evaluation of learning outcome achievement.
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  • Organizational Leadership and Change Management
    Managers, at any level or tenure, must be able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of business. Students in this program gain the tools for career advancement by learning to thrive through market innovations and handle rapid organizational growth and change.
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  • Strategic Innovation and Change Management
    This program focuses on enhancing one’s ability to efficiently manage though the strategic implementation of change and evolution within a business or organization. Managers who effectively adapt to meet the needs of their environment are more likely to succeed.
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