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Statistics show that the number of occupations that require a master’s degree will increase by 20% by the year 2016 and, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, average annual salaries increase as much as $10,000 if you have earned your master’s degree over just a bachelor’s degree. Begin your online graduate degree program at Colorado State University-Global Campus now to improve your career skills and increase your earning potential. 

CSU-Global offers competitive online graduate degree programs that can accelerate your professional success. The program provides real-life curriculum that hones professional skills and develops new competencies that can provide advancement within a current profession or help position you for a career change. Earning your master's degree online will help you be prepared for whatever the future brings. Working professionals will benefit from CSU-Global’s unique online platform, skill building and performance-oriented coursework, and an asynchronous learning model (which means there are no set class times or meeting place). You complete assignments when it is convenient for you. We understand that completing your master’s degree should be a step forward in your career, not a distraction to it.

Unlike for-profit institutions, CSU-Global is a 100% online public university with online M.S. and professional master’s degree programs that are both well-respected and affordable. You gain valuable work experience, skills, and aptitudes that you can use throughout your career. University admissions can get you started in classes in less than four weeks and financial aid is available for those who need it. Our online graduate degree programs are enhanced with Specializations in a variety of areas of interest. That lets you customize any of our master's degree programs online to better suit your career goals.

Master's Degree Programs:


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"I felt I was a partner with the university in creating a truly transformative learning experience. I had the opportunity to explore different theories and perspectives, and identify and focus on the ones that resonated with me and aligned with my philosophies and practices. "

-Susan Harvey, CSU-Global, Alumna