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Be a Leader in Today’s Dynamic Enterprises

Learn the dynamics of a business and how to analyze, communicate, and make effective decisions through this online master’s in management degree program. In a management role, you may be responsible for the following:


Career Outlook

58,000 Expected job openings due to demand for efficient use of public funds at the federal, state, and local levels through 2026.

9.50% PAY INCREASE On average, the pay increase a typical CSU Global graduate of the Master’s in Management program received one year after earning their degree.

$91,885 According to the BLS, the average annual salary for vice presidents, general managers, contract administrators, and budget analysts is more than $90k.

BUDGET ANALYST, GENERAL MANAGER, VICE PRESIDENT Frequently reported job titles of management professionals.

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What will I learn in this degree?

Students in the Master of Science in Management program are individuals whose careers and management responsibilities transcend a single functional area requiring a broad range of knowledge, skills, and experience in management. The emphasis of this practical management degree program applies to startup, small, and large businesses within both the private and public sectors. Students will prepare for upper management and executive-level positions by developing key managerial competencies—including systems thinking, critical thinking, economic analysis, decision making, international competencies, and ethical leadership applied across a range of industries. This program of study is accredited by ACBSP and academically aligns with the curriculum guidelines of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) which ensures program excellence and professional readiness.

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Learn Valuable Skills

CSU Global’s M.S. in Management is designed for management professionals who want to move into upper management and executive-level positions. This interdisciplinary, integrated, and practical degree program applies to businesses of all sizes in both the private and public sectors. Additional learning outcomes you can achieve through coursework include the following:

  • Create management decisions that incorporate strategic planning, competitive intelligence, ethical standards, and global acumen.
  • Interpret information, research findings, and recommendations for organizational stakeholders.
  • Develop solutions to business problems applying qualitative and quantitative analytical reasoning.
  • Synthesize stakeholder relationships and perspectives to enhance organizational success within a global marketplace.

Courses in this Degree:

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Core Degree Courses - Practitioner Track (24 Credits)

  • RES500* Fundamentals of Quantitative Analysis
    This course explores four major components of research for graduate program: business research and descriptive statistics, fundamentals of accounting analysis, fundamentals of financial analysis, and decision making through statistical and logical methods. The course includes quantitative methods to support research methodologies. The course is not intended to provide an in-depth study of these components but provides basic knowledge to support intensive learning that will occur in the core courses of their programs. Course not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit.
  • BUS500** Foundations of Business
    This course provides a foundational survey of business topics including marketing, finance, accounting, management, law, economics, ethics, information systems, quantitative methods, and policy within domestic and global perspectives. The broad focus of the course provides students without a business undergraduate degree with foundational background information in business terminology and concepts that support entry-level knowledge for graduate-level study.
  • MGT500 Organizational Behavior
    The course emphasizes human behavior theories and organization development theories, including concepts and processes related to management of self, teams, and the organization. Topics include personality, emotions, ethics, learning, motivation, conflict, negotiation, leadership, and followership. These topics are supported through expectations of scholarly writing requirements including library resources and APA Guidelines.
  • ECN500 Global Economics
    This course applies and examines classical economic knowledge of international trade and finance to inform decision making in the areas of business, management, and policy. Topics such as classical trade theory, barriers to trade, regulatory policies, gross domestic product, and international banking are explored.
  • PJM500 Project Management
    This course introduces the tasks and challenges fundamental to project management. Topics include how to manage teams, schedules, risks, and resources in order to produce a desired outcome. Case studies are incorporated into the course, allowing students to apply knowledge and skills associated with selecting, managing, organizing, planning, negotiating, budgeting, scheduling, controlling, and terminating a project.
  • FIN520 Financial Reporting and Analysis
    The course studies the process of business analysis and valuation through the evaluation of financial statements. Topics include analysis of financial statements and ratio, strategic, prospective, equity and credit analysis.
  • MGT545 Strategic Planning and Innovation
    This course is an exploration of the essentials of business strategy development, with a focus on innovation and inherent challenges associated with strategy creation and implementation. The course focuses on setting strategy, developing market opportunity analysis, and establishing organizational goals with consideration of internal and external resources, market opportunities, and return on investment. Topics include strategy, market opportunity analysis, market research, the use of new technologies, and tactics for achieving competitive advantage.
  • MGT550 Systems Design
    This course explores systems in relation to business, management, and research. Rather than a reductionist view, systems design focuses on entire webs of relationships viewed in the larger context to determine patterns that are dependent on time and context. Course topics include classic systems theory; new science systems theory including chaos, complexity, and self-organizing systems theories; research philosophy and methods; social systems including project teams, virtual teams, contractual and contingent workforces, and organizational structure; innovation and disruption; systems operations; and systems performance.
  • MGT576 Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses and Decision Making
    This course examines systematic critical thinking through related topics of qualitative analyses, quantitative analyses, and decision making. Students apply quantitative and qualitative research methods focused on strategic decision models with potential topics including ethics, innovation, change management, organization behavior, e-business and technology, collaboration, diversity, or operations management. Students may also select a specific topic based on their own area of interest related to the field of management.
  • MGT579 Capstone — Management
    This course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and synthesize their learning from core management courses, such as MGT576. Students analyze selected case studies to demonstrate critical thinking abilities and skills needed to be effective decision makers using both quantitative and qualitative data. Students analyze quantitative and qualitative data, and make recommendations for sustainable success in today’s global workplace. Through the course activities, students demonstrate their knowledge and skills in how to lead organizations through complex changes in a global society. Prerequisite: All core and specialization courses

*Master's Plus - Some M.S. in Management students may be required to take BUS500 and/or RES500 as part of their coursework if they do not have previous experience/an ACBSP-accredited degree in business courses and/or accounting, finance, or business statistics. In this case, these courses do not count toward the degree program.

** Students who do not have a previous degree from an an ACBSP-accredited program must complete BUS500 before completing other program requirements. Once the undergraduate program evaluation is completed, students whose prior degree does not meet the requirements will complete BUS500, rather than RES500 or RES501.  Provisionally admitted students whose undergraduate degree meets the requirements will complete RES500 or RES501, rather than BUS500.

Degree Specialization (12 Credits)

When you earn your master's degree through CSU Global, you will customize it with a graduate specialization in a subject that matches your professional goals or personal interests. 

Most Popular Specializations:

Additional Available Specializations for this Program:

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View a list of all CSU Global specializations and the degree programs they can be paired with.

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Why You Should Earn Your Online Master’s Degree

Earning your online master’s degree through CSU Global provides you with more than just the diploma you need to get noticed. With an emphasis on real world concepts and career-relevant skills, you get training and experience along with your credit hours. Additionally, CSU Global strives to make your education as affordable as possible. With our Tuition Guarantee, your tuition rate won’t increase over time! Instead, you’ll enjoy the same low rate for the duration of your enrollment at CSU Global.

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