Transform your training

Workplace training is not traditional teaching. You’ll need specific skills, knowledge, and techniques to reach adults on their own level. As a corporate trainer in the workplace, you’re teaching in a different way. You’ll need to know how to assess adult learners who are coming to you from many different backgrounds. You’ll be focusing on practical skills they can use right away in the workplace. And you’ll be engaging them on an adult level, teaching in the many different ways non-traditional students learn — not guiding children, but leading your peers. All of this requires a specific skill set, which you will gain with a specialization or certificate in organizational training and instructional design from CSU Global.

This program is designed for educators and trainers, traditional or online, and in all types of organizations. You’ll learn curriculum development skills, the many learning styles of adult students, how to evaluate and improve student performance, the latest theories and trends in workplace learning, and how new technology can help you teach more effectively.

Courses In This Specialization

This program consists of four graduate online organizational learning and performance courses for a total of 12 credit hours.