2017 Job Outlook: 6 High Demand Jobs Growing Fast

By Laura Anderson - January 6th, 2017

We know that 2017 is going to be a big year for a lot of industries, so we’ve identified the top 6 fastest growing jobs that are in high demand. According to O*NET OnLine, the following jobs are in high demand and growing fast. If you’re looking to switch industries, or join one with a bright future, our 2017 job outlook will help you see where your skills could be applied or refined for success.

2017 job outlook

1. Computer and Information Systems Managers

  • Median Annual Salary: $131, 600
  • General Job Description: Plan, coordinate, and oversee computer-related tasks and associated personnel in any organization that relies on computer systems.
  • Necessary Skills: Computer programming, systems security and networking, database management, software development, management.
  • Education: Bachelor’s in information technology or master’s in information technology management. Professional IT certifications can also help employees stay up-to-date in this ever-changing field.

2. Information Security Analysts

  • Median annual salary: $90,120
  • General Job Description: Execute security strategies to protect an organization’s computer and information systems from cyberattacks by monitoring, detecting, and blocking attempts to access or contaminate information.
  • Necessary Skills: Comprehensive understanding of security management, risk and vulnerability controls, data encryption, and systems operations and analysis.
  • Education: Bachelor’s in information technology, cyber security, or other computer programming area. Some organizations prefer a graduate specialization in cyber security.

3. Financial Advisors

  • Median annual salary: $89,160
  • General Job Description: Advise on investing, budget creation, retirement planning, and financial security for the future by leveraging and allocating assets.
  • Necessary Skills: Beyond an in-depth understanding of financial matters such as economic and accounting principles, weighing risk and return, financial markets, and strategic planning.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, and a graduate degree or certificate in finance. Degrees and certificates should prepare advisors for necessary, sometimes required, industry exams.

4. Clinical Data Manager

  • Median annual salary: $80,110
  • General Job Description: Design, collect, process, store, retrieve, and evaluate data in compliance with regulatory bodies to scrutinize for operational issues and prepare analytical reports. Typically part of the research process of clinical trials for healthcare related companies or academic research centers.
  • Necessary Skills: Critical thinking, computer and database management literacy, written and oral communication, project management, quick decision making.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in information technology or data management, or advanced degree or certificate in information technology.

5. Operations Research Analysts

  • Median annual salary: $78,630
  • General Job Description: Use advanced statistical and mathematical techniques to provide insights and strategize cost-effective and efficient solutions for organizations.
  • Necessary Skills: Analyze, evaluate, and present findings from statistical information to investigate, identify, and solve problems.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in management information systems and business analytics, or master’s or graduate certificate in business intelligence.

6. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

  • Median annual salary: $62,000
  • General Job Description: Investigate and gather data on marketing conditions in a target market to help clients determine consumer demographics and patterns for marketing strategies.
  • Necessary Skills: Working knowledge of data analysis software and complex analytical strategies, understanding of consumer psychology and behavior, and innovative problem solving.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing. Degrees in business administration or computer science, and courses in statistics.

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