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Advance your career and stand out to potential employers by learning to create and manage information systems and networks

This program will teach you to the best practices to manage enterprise data, how to prepare it for business use, and the various types of analysis that can be performed to help an organization increase its productivity, profitability, and performance.

At the end of the program, you will be able to design a database from user requirements, prepare data for analysis, perform web analytics, perform data mining and other statistical analyses, and more.



This program consists of five lower-division online data management and analysis courses for a total of 15 credit hours.

  • MIS370 Web Analytics
    This course provides an overview of the tools and techniques for analyzing website data. The course will focus on interpreting website data to make decisions about performance. Topics included are clickstream analysis, measuring website success and performance, website strategy testing, keyword analysis, and social media and blog analysis.
  • MIS470 Data Science Foundations
    This course provides an overview of the tools and techniques for analyzing data using statistics, R Programming, and SQL. Topics include data storage, linear regression, classification, linear models, tree-based learning, R programming, and SQL basic commands.
  • MIS407 Database Concepts
    The course covers the basics of relational databases, including basic terminology and concepts, database integrity, and normalization. The relational model will be examined in detail in order to appreciate database structure, integrity, and manipulation. Current relational database management systems will be explored and contrasted, as will basic relational database design and SQL programming.
  • MIS445 Statistics in Business Analytics
    A study of data analysis, data production, and statistical inference. Areas of study include: surveys and designed experiments, randomization, causation, regression, and inference using hypothesis tests. This course also explores using statistical methods for the analysis of, data for an enterprise performance and quality, effectiveness, and marketability. Statistical software will be utilized to conduct a predictive analysis, analyze the results, and document the findings. The preparation of input data for analysis from a relational database using SQL is also performed. Course not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit.
  • MIS450 Data Mining
    Investigate various statistical approaches used for data mining analyses. The preparation of data suitable for analysis from an enterprise data warehouse using SQL and the documentation of results is also covered. A simple data mining analysis project is performed to reinforce the concepts. (This course is also offered through CBE. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an “EX” suffix.)


A specialization in Data Management and Analysis pairs well with the following:

Why You Should Consider an Undergraduate Specialization

When you earn your bachelor’s degree through CSU Global, you can customize your degree to meet your professional goals and personal interests. With just five additional, lower-division courses, you can earn a specialization along with your bachelor’s degree. Similar to a minor, or degree concentration, an undergraduate specialization lets you explore a second area of interest. Provide proof that you’re dedicated and invested in the career you want with additional skills in the field.

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