Recently, we discussed why artificial intelligence is so important, what artificial intelligence engineers do, and how to become an AI engineer. Here, we'll discuss why you should consider getting your degree in this field.

As part of our discussion, we'll talk about all the benefits of studying artificial intelligence, including what AI experts do every day and why you should opt for an online course instead of a traditional in-class program. 

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Why Should You Consider a Degree in AI?

Artificial intelligence is an excellent industry to join, especially if you’re aiming to grow a long-term career in a challenging and rewarding field. 

There are several great reasons to pursue a degree in AI, but the most important are:

  1. Demand for AI experts continues to rise.
  2. Employees specializing in AI play an incredibly important role by assisting organizations in leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive efficiencies and profits.
  3. Salaries for top jobs in AI are excellent, with competitive compensation that is on par with other top-paying industries.

Getting a degree in the field is also the best way to ensure that you can develop the skills and abilities needed to launch a successful career in this competitive industry. 

Plus, hiring managers looking for potential AI experts typically want to hire people they know can provide real value to the organization from their first day on the job, and earning your degree proves that you’ve got the background and knowledge needed to do just that. 

In short, obtaining a degree increases the chances that you’ll be an effective AI engineer, and it also increases the odds that you’ll be able to get a job in the field.

With that said, let’s look at the arguments outlined above in more detail.

Demand for AI Experts is Growing Quickly

Now is an excellent time to launch a career in artificial intelligence because the demand for qualified professionals in the field is set to grow quickly over the next few years. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts there will be a 22% growth in employment for Computer Information Research Scientists, and a 22% growth in employment for Software Developers by 2030, which are both much faster than the average rate of growth for all occupations. 

Artificial intelligence is just the beginning when it comes to technological advancement. This discipline will continue to push the limit of modern technology and rapidly influence business practices across every industry.

If you’re interested in programming, math, probability and statistics, and you want to develop cutting-edge high-tech solutions that help solve complex organizational problems, then artificial intelligence may be the perfect career for you.

AI Experts Play a Critical Role in The Organization They Work For

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a necessity in many different industries as companies begin to utilize the cost savings and efficiencies AI offers.

Wherever there are systems or complex programs, an AI expert can help to automate processes and reduce an organization's costs associated with performing everyday tasks. 

AI experts are key to ensuring an efficient and effective process and that an organization is leveraging new technology in its operations. 

As part of their vital role in an organization, an AI expert may perform any of the following tasks: 

  • Using AI best practices for applications like data processing, data mining, speech recognition, and robotic control.
  • Developing AI-driven solutions that model human behavior to accomplish complicated tasks or complete complex processes.
  • Implementing AI and machine learning solutions to solve complex problems or scenarios.
  • Creating new technical solutions utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.
  • Evaluating and improving the performance of applications in the artificial intelligence and machine learning domains.

If you like the idea of performing these sorts of critical functions, then artificial intelligence could be the right field for you. 

Salaries for Top Roles in AI Are Excellent

Getting a degree in artificial intelligence is a great way to gain entry to a field with excellent salaries.

Some of the top positions for AI experts that offer an excellent average annual income include:

Keep in mind that manager-level positions with higher salaries may only be available to you after you’ve gained some experience in entry or mid-level roles in artificial intelligence. 

Also, keep in mind that the roles listed above are just a short selection of some of the many possible positions you can find within the AI industry. 

Getting your degree is likely to qualify you for hundreds of different positions.

Do You Really Need a Degree to Get a Job in Artificial Intelligence? 

While it’s certainly possible to get a job in AI without a degree in the field, that’s not necessarily the easiest path. Many experts recommend studying artificial intelligence in an academic setting before attempting to break into the industry.

If you want to become an expert in artificial intelligence, then you’ll almost certainly want to study best practices for the technology, as this is typically the fastest way to develop the skills required to complete typical AI work projects.

Getting your degree in the field is a great idea, especially if you’re looking to lead teams or projects, or develop new applications or technologies, where you’ll certainly want to be an absolute expert in leveraging the latest AI techniques and solutions.

Choosing to complete a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning may be the best possible way to get the knowledge you need to thrive in this industry. M.S. programs like the one offered by CSU Global provide access to and experience with the latest deep-learning libraries, like TensorFlow.

What Do AI Experts Actually Do?

AI experts work on a variety of tasks associated with leveraging artificial intelligence to improve business operations and increase efficiencies.

Accordingly, some of the more common responsibilities that AI experts must be capable of handling include:

  • Analyzing and associating AI principles into reasoning and uncertainty in a prospective environment.
  • Applying AI techniques and machine learning best practices for image analysis and reconstruction.
  • Implementing holistic AI and machine learning solutions for a variety of different problems or scenarios.
  • Developing AI-driven solutions capable of modeling human behavior.
  • Creating solutions that combine artificial intelligence and machine learning principles.
  • Evaluating the performance of applications in artificial intelligence and machine learning domains.

AI work is a complex discipline that requires a great deal of technical knowledge, but the job prospects for AI experts are excellent, making this a field you should certainly consider developing a career in.

Should You Get Your Degree in AI Online?

Yes, you should consider getting your degree online, especially if you have work and family responsibilities. 

Studying online offers a level of freedom and flexibility that you just won't get with a traditional, in-person degree program, since it allows you to study wherever, and whenever you want.

Studying online with CSU Global ensures that you’ll be able to pursue your degree in the most efficient way, as we also offer:

  • Monthly class starts
  • Accelerated eight-week courses
  • No set class times or physical locations. 

If you’re looking for a degree program that will help you succeed without disrupting your schedule, there is no better option than CSU Global.

Why Should You Consider Studying AI at CSU Global? 

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