Non-Collegiate credit other than exam or military service credit, such as non-collegiate courses, corporate trainings, certifications, professional licenses, etc., may be considered for transfer toward a bachelor's degree if it has been evaluated according to the ACE Guidelines, reviewed by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (CCRS), and does not duplicate credit already accepted in transfer.

  • Organizational Advancement Partners: Training you have received through your employer may count for undergraduate college credit through our corporate affiliates.
  • Sophia Pathways™ and CSU Global have partnered to provide students with online alternative options for earning credits that will transfer to CSU Global.
  • and CSU Global have partnered to help provide more opportunities for working adults to take courses toward a CSU Global degree.
  • CLEPDSST: Credits applied toward a bachelor’s degree include test scores that meet established benchmarks for the College Level Examination program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST). You must submit an official score report showing you earned scores at or above established benchmarks. CSU Global’s reporting numbers are 3582 for CLEP and 8796 for DSST.
  • Modern States: Tuition-free online courses that prepare you for widely accepted Advanced Placement and CLEP exams, providing the potential to complete freshman year for free.
  • Propero (Pearson): CSU Global currently has an agreement to accept credits from Propero’s self-directed, self-paced online courses.
  • Saylor Academy: CSU Global can accept course credits toward a CSU Global degree.
  • StraighterLine and CSU Global have partnered to help provide more opportunities for students to take courses toward a CSU Global degree.
  • ACE helps determine if students can earn college credit for workplace training, education, and experience.

International Credit

CSU Global may accept credit that has been earned at non-U.S. institutions.

If non-U.S. coursework is consistent in level and content with courses offered at regionally accredited U.S. institutions credit may be applied toward a CSU Global degree. Transcripts must be reviewed by an approved evaluation service in order to be considered for transfer.

Approved evaluation services are listed at