We want to spotlight some of the dedicated students, faculty, and staff who make CSU Global what it is. Sharing their stories is an opportunity to connect our online learning community of peers all around the world. We hope their stories inspire you just as they inspire us.

This month’s spotlight is on CSU Global Lead Faculty Member, Dr. Lisa Witzig!

Dr. Lisa Witzig has worked at CSU Global since 2013 and serves as the Lead Faculty Member for the B.S. in Marketing program. In her position, she ensures that our marketing curriculum is in line with industry trends and prepares our students for success after graduation.

Finding Her Niche

Her career has spanned many disciplines including international relations, management consulting, and marketing communications. Lisa spent the first 15 years of her career working in international relations for the Central Intelligence Agency. She then earned a master’s degree in business and transitioned from the government to the private sector. She held leadership positions at various management consulting firms until the entrepreneurial bug bit her in 2006.

Lisa now runs her own Marketing and Communications firm, Ideen Inc., which specializes in branding and marketing for small businesses and mission-driven organizations.

She is passionate about helping small businesses build strategic and measurable marketing plans, so they can reach their goals for growth. Ideen Inc. is proudly celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! Running her own firm complements her work at CSU Global because it keeps her up to date with what is going on in the industry so she can create relevant content that will benefit our students. Through all of her experiences, she has found teaching to be her true calling and enjoys channeling her marketing expertise into the higher education space.

Sharing Her Expertise

Lisa teaches a variety of Management and Marketing classes at CSU Global including Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research Methods. Her favorite course is Introduction to Marketing where she discusses the many facets of the field and how they fit into the marketing strategies for different types of organizations. CSU Global's marketing program covers a wide range of topics from traditional and digital advertising to public relations and mass communications. Marketing is something we all experience in our everyday lives, so it lends itself to creative and engaging discussions.

“In my 'Introduction to Marketing' class we get to discuss social media and Super Bowl ads…it doesn’t get any better than that!”

The dawn of social media and digital advertising has changed the way businesses interact with brands and is a hot topic in the marketing community. Lisa is particularly interested in the platform Linkedin; she has done extensive research about how different types of businesses are using Linkedin in their marketing and communications efforts.

Advice for Non-Traditional Learners

Lisa loves teaching at CSU Global and truly respects non-traditional students, especially the energy and creativity that they bring to the classroom. Lisa earned her Ph.D. while launching her business and raising a family, so she can empathize with our students who are fitting school into already demanding schedules. Some advice and motivation from Lisa to stay on top of your studies: “Break everything down into bite-sized pieces — everything is achievable. Follow Nike’s tagline: ‘Just Do It’. You will never regret the hard work once you have that precious parchment in your hand on graduation day. Remember, your faculty members are cheering for you, we are here to help!”

3 Fun Facts about Lisa Witzig

  1. She has been to 48/50 states and 6/7 continents.
  2. Although she holds a Ph.D., she is currently working on her 3rd master’s degree — how’s that for lifelong learning!
  3. Lisa and her husband host an annual Kentucky Derby Party, hats and all!