Your hard work and contributions to CSU Global just might earn you a scholarship to help you finish your degree.

One way that CSU Global helps its students achieve their goals of degree completion is through the motivation that a scholarship provides. Whether for academic excellence, community involvement, military service, or other unique criteria that demonstrates a part of what makes you who you are today, receiving a scholarship today can be just the encouragement you need to keep working for a better tomorrow.

Institutional Scholarships

CSU Global's online college scholarships are awarded every trimester, and, while you can apply prior to being accepted to the university, you must be admitted to the university to receive a scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded each trimester. Please contact your Enrollment or Student Success Counselor for the next deadline.

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Additional Scholarship Resources

There are many scholarships for college students out there, and we encourage you to seek them out. Any number of corporations and organizations offer scholarship opportunities with specific eligibility criteria. Here are some valuable tips for scholarship applications. 

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Institutional Scholarships

CSU Global scholarships are awarded every trimester in the following categories:

Prospective students should contact an Enrollment Counselor at 800-462-7845 or email for more information about our scholarship opportunities. Current students should contact their success counselor or visit Scholarship Universe.

Additional Scholarships

In addition to the CSU Global Scholarships listed above, various corporations and organizations offer other scholarship opportunities. In each case, you must meet the particular eligibility criteria and application requirements to be considered.

We want to help make your education as affordable as possible! There are many scholarships for college students out there, and we encourage you to seek them out.

Here are some scholarship resources that might be able to help with your search:

  • The Beverly Cavanaugh Memorial Scholarship
    This scholarship is awarded in honor of past Denver Chapter IIA President Bev Cavanaugh. Bev embodied energy, optimism, and determination in the face of challenge and adversity. Her leadership inspired all of us to invest more…in our families, our profession, and in others.

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