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What Can I Do With a Degree in Organizational Leadership?

Recently, we answered the question, What is Organizational Leadership?, and here we’ll review what jobs you can get with a degree in organizational leadership, including the typical roles and responsibilities of organizational leaders, why anyone looking to get into the field should consider getting their Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, and why those looking to improve their leadership or management skills may want to consider completing a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.

After you’ve learned everything you need to know about what organizational leaders do, what types of jobs are available to organizational leadership program alumni, and how earning a degree in the field will help make you better suited for leadership and management roles, we’ll explain how to pick the best organizational leadership program.

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What is Organizational Leadership?

We covered this in a recent Blog Post, but for those who missed it, organizational leadership is an important workplace function that is necessary for every industry and type of organization.

The reason organizational leadership is so important is that organizational leaders are responsible for planning and executing strategies designed to generate, sustain and improve organizational success.

Organizational leaders are responsible for managing both people and processes, and for serving as the main decision makers at whatever entity they work for.

This means that they’re the agents of change who determine whether or not private companies, public corporations, nonprofits, and state and federal government agencies will accomplish their objectives, grow and succeed, or fail to meet established goals.

What Do Organizational Leaders Actually Do?

The daily duties of organizational leaders vary depending on where they work and what they’re specifically assigned to do, but some typical duties include:

  • Making important decisions about how to design and execute new organizational initiatives.
  • Increasing efficiencies by reducing costs, maintaining existing budgets, or finding new ways to generate revenue.
  • Directing training and policy creation for new employees, new roles, and new services, or modifying training regimens and policies for existing personnel.
  • Conducting business research to guide organizational innovations designed to improve efficiencies and effectiveness.

Simply put, organizational leaders are the personnel in charge of making big, typically strategic decisions that will have a major impact on the organization’s employees, products, services, and clientele.

Do I Need a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree to Become an Organizational Leader?

You may be able to get a job as an organizational leader without a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field, but you’re likely to have an easier time landing a related role after proving you’ve developed all the relevant skills and abilities that come with completing an accredited organizational leadership degree program.

Getting your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in organizational leadership is one of the best ways to prove that you know how to take the reigns of an organization and steer it to accomplishing its goals, mission and objectives, which is why earning that degree is likely to help make you more attractive to hiring managers.

Some people are natural leaders, others are excellent managers, and many learn these sorts of skills on the job, while working their way up the career ladder, but without the academic credentials and experience gained from completing an organizational leadership program, it can be quite difficult to convince someone looking to fill a related position that you’re prepared to assume command.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership?

Earning your Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership will provide the skills you need to be an effective leader, allowing you to pursue roles in nearly any industry that interests you.

CSU Global’s Bachelor’s program explores various aspects of becoming an effective leader, including:

  • Communications skills
  • Organizational structure and design
  • Legal issues
  • Workplace psychology
  • Team dynamics
  • Project management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Employee morale

Some of the top organizational leadership job titles for alumni from Bachelor’s-level organizational leadership programs include:

No matter what field you end up in or what specific job title you decide to pursue, one thing is certain: getting your Bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership is one of the best ways to prepare for career advancement by honing your leadership skills and abilities.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership?

Completing a Master’s Program in Organizational Leadership will prepare you for leadership and management roles in any setting by improving your interpersonal skills, helping you pay closer attention to detail and building on your sense of initiative. 

CSU Global’s Master’s program produces graduates prepared to:

  • Steer organizations through implementing new programs.
  • Guide organizations on budgeting and cost cutting projects.
  • Design and deploy organization-wide employee training policies.
  • Conduct business research to guide organizational innovations.

Some of the top organizational leadership job titles for alumni from Master’s-level organizational leadership programs include:

Earning your Master’s in organizational leadership is an excellent way to improve your ability to overcome critical challenges faced by organizations across every industry, preparing you to become the person whom businesses rely on to make important decisions.

Should I Get My Organizational Leadership Degree Online?

You should certainly consider getting your Bachelor’s or Master’s in organizational leadership online.

CSU Global offers 100% online organizational leadership degree programs featuring accelerated eight-week courses, no set time or locations, and monthly class starts to make it easier to juggle your education, work, and family responsibilities. 

What is the Best School for Organizational Leadership?

CSU Global’s organizational leadership programs are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which means they’re likely to be respected by hiring managers.

What is more, CSU Global itself is widely regarded as a leader in online education, having recently received several distinguished rankings, including:

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