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By Emily Doty - July 30th, 2015


We want to spotlight some of the dedicated students, faculty, and staff who make CSU Global what it is. Sharing their stories is an opportunity to connect our online learning community of peers all around the world.  We hope their stories inspire you just as they inspire us.

Kimberli Grantham knows quite a bit about online education. Before she started her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership with CSU Global, she worked in the management field as an independent consultant in the areas of training and development and online course design. She says she has loved the challenge of returning to school.

Girl on a Mission

Kimberli is working on creating a community service program, which involves working with local physicians and businesses to teach school age children how to be responsible for their own health and wellness. One of the main objectives is to initiative family conversations about health related topics. She says she’s an advocate for healthy living and enjoys running, biking, CrossFit, and yoga.

She launched her first event in May when she visited two schools and was asked to return as a yearly presenter for additional classrooms. She says she’s continuing to work toward improving the program.

Creative Spirit

Kimberli also knows a thing or two about managing a family while earning a degree. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband Dustin and their two children – seven-year-old Kayli and four-year-old Davin. She says she has many hobbies that provide her with a creative outlet. Currently, she is writing her first novel. She has also spent the last several years building a side business as a photographer. “My ultimate career goal is to make a difference as a leader in an organization with a supportive culture that facilitates innovation and creativity and encourages lifelong learning,” says Kimberli.

Lifelong Learner

Kimberli will graduate this fall with her M.S. in Organizational Leadership and a specialization in Human Resource Management. As a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, she says she appreciates every opportunity to share her learning and interests with others and greatly values the experiences she has gained as a student at CSU Global.

She says she selected the Organizational Leadership program because of the versatility. She chose CSU Global in part because its flexibility is the perfect fit for her busy lifestyle and it allows her to be there for her family. “With only one course left, I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner,” she says. “Without question, I would make the decision all over again, and I would recommend CSU Global to prospective students without reservation.”

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