Throughout the past year, we’ve shared tips and best practices on a variety of essential life skills that aren’t taught in the classroom. Our Life Prerequisites series, inspired by CSU Global’s Student Advisory Committee, highlights topics such as emergency preparedness, travel safety, the ins-and-outs of insurance, and more! Bookmark this blog to revisit these topics when you need a refresher.


Meal Planning

Meal planning and prepping aren’t new concepts, but we’re guessing you’ve seen more about them on your newsfeed in the past few years. These strategies can help prioritize your healthy eating goals while saving you time and money! 


The nuances of insurance can seem daunting, but understanding the basic concepts is vital to securing different aspects of your life. When you purchase any type of insurance – life, health, pet, auto, disability, home, and more – you make payments to the insurance company called premiums. By making these payments, you are covered from specific risks, should a loss or expense arise.

Become a Bill-Paying Pro

Paying your bills might seem like the most adult thing, but having a good system in place will help you take control of your financial health. From signing up for auto-pay to consolidating bills, understanding your payment cycle, organizing statements, and more, check out our tips to make this monthly chore work in your favor. 

Your Simple Home Maintenance Checklist for Summer

Whether you’re renting or you own your home, preventative maintenance is the best way to care for your space. Each season has its set of tasks, so take advantage of our summer checklist! Bonus: These five projects make for great study or work breaks, plus they’ll get you out into the fresh air. 

End-of-Summer Time Management Tips

The end of summer can feel frantic – last-minute getaways, back-to-school shopping, family commitments, trying to squeeze every last moment out of the warm weather, and, of course, CSU Global coursework responsibilities. This is a great opportunity to employ some time management strategies to help you get the most out of your day. 

How to Prepare for an Emergency

It's not pleasant to think about, but prepping for an emergency scenario is something you'll be grateful for if a natural disaster or other hazard threatens your home or family's safety. There are a few initial steps you can take ahead of time to ensure you’re equipped to handle an emergency.

Road Safety Tips

Follow these four recommendations to make sure you’re ready for your next journey – whether that’s to the grocery store or an epic cross-country adventure. 

Your Guide to Open Enrollment Season

Open enrollment encompasses a selection of workplace benefits, typically a variety of health, vision, dental, life, disability, and even pet insurance. To help prepare you to select your workplace benefits, we’ve answered five questions that come up when considering which benefits are right for you and your family.

Holiday Safety Tips

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but decorating, traveling, and spending money safely are important concerns. As you celebrate with friends and family, remember these tips to ensure your holidays are merry and bright. 

7 New Year's Goals for the Workplace

Instead of setting the same resolutions this year, focus instead on working toward measurable goals. Unlike resolutions, which are typically vows to do or not do something (“I will go to the gym twice a week,” “I won’t eat processed sugar”), goals help guide you toward a desired outcome. Here are seven workplace goals that can be tweaked and implemented at any point during the year.