My Journey From Community College to CSU-Global

By Mark Milburn - September 26th, 2018

Community College

As a recent graduate from Colorado State University-Global Campus, I thought I would share how I navigated my educational journey as a transfer student from community college to CSU Global. Choosing the right college is an important decision; and for myself and my needs, CSU Global was the right choice.

Why I Chose to Attend Community College First

By the time I began my pursuit of college education, I had been out of high school for almost 20 years.  Because of this large time gap in formal education, I knew I needed to begin by building my foundation with general courses, primarily in math and science. I decided to begin my college experience by enrolling part-time in classes offered by local community colleges.

For me, this meant choosing core fundamental classes that I believed might benefit me the most by having immediate access to classmates in a physical location. This would enable me to join study groups with other classmates with similar educational goals and objectives. These classes were primarily related to math and science, and this course of action suited me well.

I started by choosing a class that I felt more comfortable with, such as history or English, as well as one that I knew I would be more challenging for me, such as math or science. This combination of pairing easier classes with more difficult ones was a successful trend I would continue to follow throughout every semester in my college journey.

The community college courses I took helped me improve and reaffirm my abilities to write essays, build slide presentations, conduct research, and create the fundamental core learning components that I would repeatedly rely upon throughout my progress as a student. This helped me succeed at my community college as well as in my online classes at CSU Global.

Why I Chose CSU Global to Complete My Degree

I found the possibility of attending CSU Global appealing for a variety of reasons:

  • Price: Tuition rates at CSU Global are locked in and would not go up for as long as I was enrolled. Since I was receiving financial aid in addition to using my own money for textbooks, cost was very important to me. CSU Global’s tuition is very competitively priced when compared with other major universities.
  • Location: I could continue my studies at CSU Global even if I had to move out of the state of Colorado – which I did, in my last year as a student.
  • Flexibility: CSU Global provides the flexibility to log in to classes at any time, from a location of my choice; whether it was at night, on the weekend, in my living room, or at a coffee shop. I was no longer confined to a certain physical location or time.
  • Scheduling: CSU Global offers a trimester schedule of classes, with classes being held over the course of two months. Traditional semesters hold classes over a four-month period. What this meant for me was that I could double the number of classes I would take during a traditional semester. This brought me toward my ambition to to complete me degree program more quickly than I could have achieved by attending a physical university with traditional semesters.

student services

How I Transferred to CSU Global

The advisors at the community college I attended as well as the enrollment counselors at CSU Global were very helpful in helping me figure out which core classes I should take according to my career and educational goals. By identifying the core classes that were fundamental to my learning and taking them first at my community college, my community college advisors helped start me on the path toward my degree.

After speaking with my enrollment counselor at CSU Global, they recommended that I complete 60 credits of classes at the community college level before transferring to CSU Global. As I approached the completion of 60 credits at my community college, I began working more closely with my enrollment counselor to ensure I was on the right track to successfully transfer and continue my college journey with CSU Global.

My CSU Global enrollment counselor was crucial in helping me navigate class scheduling, and providing guidance for meeting all of the — at times — complex financial aid requirements.They assisted me with selecting the appropriate classes that aligned with my goals. Of all those whom I spoke with during my college journey, the CSU Global enrollment counselors were hands-down the most personable, friendly, and dependable.

While the list of classes may at first seem overwhelming, student advisors and enrollment counselors can help identify and offer options to students to assist them in reaching their educational objectives. I would recommend speaking with the advisors at local community colleges as well as the enrollment counselors at CSU Global in order to help you navigate the first steps (and beyond) toward fulfilling your educational goals.

CSU Global worked with me to ensure that the community college classes were appropriate and transferrable, taking much of my worries and concerns out of the equation. This allowed me to focus on what mattered, which was obtaining a degree – a mission that I have accomplished by starting at a community college and completing at CSU Global.

Completing This Stage of My Educational Journey

I recently completed my lifelong goal of earning my degree in Organizational Leadership, with two specializations in Public and Nonprofit Management and Small Business and Entrepreneurship. As a student, I frequently reminded myself that one’s educational journey is not a sprint, but a marathon. I can attest that the long journey and sacrifice that a college education requires is well worth it, and I have benefited tremendously from this journey personally as well as professionally.


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