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Why CSU Global? Here’s Why.

At CSU Global, online education isn’t just a thing we do — it’s all we do. Our mission is to provide academically authoritative, career-focused degree and certificate programs in an adaptive environment beyond traditional higher education models.

Designed for working adults, our professionally relevant degrees undergo continual evaluation to ensure alignment with fast-changing market and industry practices and innovation.

“CSU Global helped me clarify my goals and pursue my passion. I needed to show my kids that it is always important to do your very best at whatever you choose to do in life.”

Richard Rock

B.A., Social Science 2012

You’re Your Own Best Investment

Decades-worth of research confirms that college graduates out-earn non-degree holders, but new data directly identifies the value of a CSU Global education. An investment in a CSU Global degree statistically outperforms ten-year stock market averages.

Is an investment in an education with a known rate-of-return a good choice for you? If so, contact us today for more information, apply to CSU Global, or receive a free transcript/credit evaluation.

We’re Built for Online Success

CSU Global has met and exceeded its goal to create a digital learning environment that rivals the best traditional degree programs. At CSU Global, your virtual classroom is designed to offer the same learning opportunities you’ll find at brick-and-mortar colleges and universities — and more — on a schedule that fits your life.

You’ll have access to all the resources you need, as well as tutors, instructors, and other students. CSU Global services include our library, career counseling, financial planning, tutoring - and, because we understand the challenges nontraditional students face, 24-7 support for non-academic issues.

The CSU Global faculty is trained and experienced in online learning and facilitating student success — many students find they have easier access to instructors than they’ve had in prior traditional higher education environments. Most CSU Global instructors are only a phone call, email, or text message away.

We understand that nontraditional students juggle real-world responsibilities. At CSU Global, our goal is to provide career-relevant education without disrupting schedules or budgets. We’ve designed programs to fit your life — not the other way around. With monthly term starts and accelerated courses, you can earn a degree and maintain personal priorities.

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Transparency — No Tuition Rate Increase in Seven Years

As states withdraw education funding, students at traditional institutions shoulder increasing tuition costs. But because CSU Global is self-funded, you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees or unexpected expenses — we haven’t raised our tuition rates in seven years. In contrast, since 2008, tuition rates at traditional Colorado universities have increased by 57 percent.

If you’re planning for the future, you’ll be glad to know that once you enroll, your tuition rates will be locked in at the same rate, as long as you’re in school — you’ll never be “priced out” of your degree, even if you take a decade to finish.

Your prior hard work counts at CSU Global. In 2016, CSU Global accepted 292,723 transfer credits from 4,889 new enrollees — an average of 59 transferred credit hours per student . Let us evaluate your earned credits — you could be surprised at how close to degree completion you are. More information available here.

Your Trusted Partner

Because CSU Global is a non-profit university, we don’t answer to investors or shareholders. We are free to commit ourselves to providing the best possible online education experience and learning outcomes.

Our reputation is inseparable from student success — when CSU Global appears on a graduate’s resume, we know it’s essential that our name is synonymous with rigorous academic standards and quality.

We’re your portal to current industry practices and requirements, as we continually collaborate with thought leaders and experts to stay ahead of the rapidly changing market landscape. CSU Global graduates are able to enter their markets with the skills and knowledge to hit the ground running.

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