Is an Education Career Right for You?

By CSU Global - September 21st, 2018


Have you always had a passion for education? Do you see yourself in a long-term career as an educator, with advancement potential? The number of opportunities in the education field is steadily growing, with a projected growth of nine percent between 2016 and 2026, compared to an average of about seven percent for all occupations.

Teaching and education administration careers require a solid foundation in strategy, planning and development of curriculum, and exploring learning theories. A education-focused degree allows modern learners to obtain an understanding of and adaptability to constantly changing technologies, policies, and regulations in the education field. In earning this degree, you have the opportunity to acquire skills that are important to career development and advancement at all stages, such as…

  • Fluency of sharing ideas.
  • Decision-Making.
  • Time Management.
  • Problem Sensitivity.

Want to know if a degree or in Teaching and Learning is right for you? This program may be an appropriate fit if:

You have a great understanding of knowledge development and what helps students thrive. By pursuing a degree in Teaching and Learning, you’ll prepare for a leadership role within education institutions, by learning how to design and manage a variety of educational programs that help students to learn effectively and thrive academically.

You’re a naturally effective planner. Learning to teach involves a variety of topics, learning approaches, and application of knowledge that is both theoretical and practical. This leads to greater advancement in academic and career efforts.

You see learning as a lifelong commitment. Over the course of your journey as an educator, you will find that industry trends, technologies, policies, methodologies, and ethics are constantly changing. It is important to know that your role will constantly evolve as you continue advancing in your career.

By obtaining a Teaching and Learning degree, your skills and knowledge will provide you with numerous opportunities for a fulfilling career in which you can truly make a positive impact on the lives of students.


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