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In addition to biannual student academic performance reviews, CSU Global utilizes external data to better understand student academic growth against the national school mean and determine student progress.

Using Educational Testing Service (ETS®) ProficiencyProfile, CSU Global assesses incoming cohorts of undergraduate students as well as program completers (graduating students) on their reading,writing, math, and critical thinking skills. These results indicate how students perform compared to the national mean, as well as enable the evaluation of growth between incoming and completing students,and pre-post data from individual students.

Data shown here compares all Fall 2016 incoming to the 16/17 Fall Trimester completers, as well as an analysis of students having incoming and outgoing score.The Percentiles - National School Mean represents the distribution of institution scores and subsequent percentiles, and includes 155 institutions and 222,846 students participating in the ETS® proficiency profile from July 2010 to June 2015. The pre-post analysis includes 310 CSU Global students with Pre and Post ETS® Proficiency Profile data, from incoming cohorts Fall 2010 – Fall 2015, and completer cohorts of FY11/12 – FY16/17 Fall Trimester.

Fall 2016 Incoming vs Fall 2016 Outgoing

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