Our Tuition Guarantee Program

CSU-Global Campus’ primary obligation is to its students.  As a leading online public university, CSU-Global has set the standard for providing a quality education and superior student experience through its innovative online platform. CSU-Global stands behind everything it does, including its commitment to making higher education more affordable and attainable. 

One way this is accomplished is through CSU-Global’s Tuition Guarantee. Once you enroll in a BS or MS degree program, your online tuition rate is locked in throughout your program, as long as you remain in classes and in good academic standing (students should check with their advisors before taking extended time off). You won’t need to worry about annual tuition rate hikes or the rising cost of college tuition, your cost is guaranteed.  No matter how you are paying for college, this can help you plan your expenses throughout your higher education degree program.

By paying the same tuition rate throughout your entire degree program, you are potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars, especially as college tuition increases each year. In fact, the national average cost of college tuition increases by around 8% each year from inflation alone; which does not factor in university increases due to higher profits, lack of funds, or increased overheads. According to recent college tuition statistics from the U.S. Department of Education, the worst offending institutions increased their tuition by 40-50% from the previous year!  Keep this in mind as you compare college tuition costs. Even many of the online universities, especially the for-profit private institutions, will regularly increase tuition rates for specific degrees, programs, or in certain geographic regions.

While CSU-Global is committed to maintaining its affordable online university tuition rates, the Tuition Guarantee program is our way to help you finance your education. The tuition guarantee applies no matter your method of payment (see our payment policy for more information). There is no signing up, your tuition rate is automatically guaranteed as soon as you start class.

This is one more way we're here to help you succeed and finish your degree program as planned.