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Build Upon Your Career With Construction Management Courses Online

Construction management professionals are leaders of increasingly complex projects and building developments across the globe. If you want to increase your skills and showcase your experience to your current or future employer, the Undergraduate Specialization in Construction Management can help you get there.

In this accredited Construction Management program, you’ll learn the foundational knowledge needed to oversee construction projects, as well as specific topics, like materials selection, cost estimation, construction project management skills, and understanding the business relationships between construction companies and their clients, suppliers, and vendors.



This undergraduate specialization consists of five, lower-division, online, construction management courses for a total of 15 credit hours.

  • CMG300 Fundamentals of Construction Management
    CMG300 intends to teach students the theory and practice of construction management, from conception through the end of the construction phase. This course is designed to give the students an overview of the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to direct construction projects toward their successful completion. It will provide an overview of the construction industry and its typical business relationships. The course will provide the foundational processes required for construction managers to implement different business practices and strategies, to ensure construction projects can successfully be implemented. The course also provides an overview of the construction industry’s roles, responsibilities, and risks from perspectives of the key parties and stakeholders involved in construction projects. Other topics to be taught are project delivery systems and contract types, construction phases, planning and scheduling, coordination, time and cost control, supervision of project sites, productivity studies, safety and health. Case studies are utilized to explore the related issues and to provide real-world scenarios to reinforce the course’s learning objectives and materials.
  • PJM350 Construction Project Management
    This course intends to teach key aspects of construction project management, including the theory, methods, and quantitative tools used to effectively plan, organize, and control construction projects; efficient management methods revealed through practice and research; and practical project management knowledge from on-site situations. To achieve this objective, the course provides a basic project management framework in which the project lifecycle is broken into preconstruction and planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closing, based on lessons learned from previous projects. Within this framework, students will learn the methodologies and tools necessary for each aspect of the process, as well as the theories upon which these are built. By the end of the term, students will be able to adapt and apply the framework to effectively manage a construction project in an Architecture/Engineering/Construction n (A/E/C) firm. Prerequisite: CMG300.
  • CMG400 Construction Cost Estimating
    The course teaches ways to prepare competitive bids with detailed quantity take-off and pricing of materials, labor, and equipment. The course provides a classification of work and quantity survey techniques as they relate to building construction. It also teaches analysis and determination of costs of construction operations including direct and overhead costs, cost analysis, and preparation of bid proposals. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate complete sets of drawings and specifications to reinforce their understanding of quantity take-offs in preparing project cost estimates. (This course is also offered through SSA. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an "S" suffix.)
  • CMG450 Materials Used in Construction
    This course provides an overview of the main materials used in construction and teaches how materials are employed in construction projects with a focus on the study of types, properties, uses, and methods of assembly of different key materials. Students will explore the different uses of construction materials, such as Portland cement, asphalt, wood, steel, and masonry. Areas of study include investigation, testing, classification, and engineering properties of materials, as well as the modification techniques, according to ASTM standards and government laws and regulations. Material selection from a sustainable construction perspective will also be discussed as part of this course. (This course is also offered through SSA. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an "S" suffix.)
  • CMG465 Sustainable Development
    This is an interdisciplinary course that provides students with an understanding of the main concepts of sustainability, sustainable-development principles, and key challenges and solutions to meet sustainable-development goals, including economic, social, and environmental initiatives. Students in this course will gain an in-depth insight into the environmental issues, including climate change, natural resource consumption, and ecosystems issues resulting from industrial development. Students will also learn about the policies, standards, technologies, methodologies, and best practices that offer sustainability solutions to economic and social development problems. (This course is also offered through SSA. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an “S” suffix.)


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Why You Should Consider an Undergraduate Specialization

When you earn your bachelor’s degree through CSU Global, you can customize your degree to meet your professional goals and personal interests. With just five additional, lower-division courses, you can earn a specialization along with your bachelor’s degree. Similar to a minor, or degree concentration, an undergraduate specialization lets you explore a second area of interest. Provide proof that you’re dedicated and invested in the career you want with additional skills in the field.

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