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Elevate Your Career, One Credential at a Time

Do you want to increase your knowledge in a certain subject area? Are you interested in adding new skills to your resume? But does the idea of a full-time degree sound like too much?

As an accredited online certificate program, CSU Global understands that it’s not always a good time to go all-in on a degree. However, in today’s changing economy, employers are looking for modern skills that can evolve within the industry. That’s where online undergraduate certificate programs come in…

An undergraduate certificate is a stand-alone, transcribable credential that showcases your proficiency in a specific subject. The undergraduate certificate you earn at CSU Global is recognized nationally by educational institutions and professional organizations.

Complete a single undergraduate certificate to create new professional opportunities quickly, or apply these stackable credentials toward a full degree over time. Either way, you’re working toward your educational and professional goals on the schedule that works for you.

Online Undergraduate Certificate Programs

  • Cyber Security
    Learn how to stay ahead of cyber crime and fraud management by earning your Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate from CSU-Global Campus. Read more online!
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  • Data Management and Analysis
    Learn best practices for enterprise data & business use by earning your Undergraduate Certificate in Data Management and Analysis from CSU Global. Read more now!
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  • Digital Marketing
    The Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing is designed for modern learners who want to lead digital marketing campaigns. Become an invaluable asset to a variety of organizations looking to increase growth and promote brand awareness.
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  • Fundraising
    The Undergraduate Certificate in Fundraising is designed for modern learners like you, who want to lead efforts in fundraising -- by obtaining private, corporate, and government funding -- for the benefit of nonprofit organizations.
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  • Project Management
    Learn how to better collaborate and communicate by earning your Undergraduate Project Management Certification online from CSU-Global Campus. Read more now!
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  • Business Administration
    CSU-Global's Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration is a program targeted toward students from a wide variety of disciplines. Learn more now!
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  • Computer Programming
    Looking to broaden your programming capabilities? See why CSU Global’s Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Programming is nationally recognized. Read more now!
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  • Human Resource Management
    Become more proficient in helping an organization manage people by earning your Undergraduate Human Resource Management Certificate from CSU-Global. Learn now!
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  • Information Technology Operations
    Become more sought after by employers by earning your Undergraduate Information Technology Operations Certification online from CSU Global.
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  • Marketing
    Become more strategic and take your career to the next level by earning your Undergraduate Marketing Certification online from CSU-Global Campus. Read more now!
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  • Networking
    Take your IT career to the next level by earning your Undergraduate Networking Certification online from CSU-Global Campus. Read more information online now!
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  • Web Application Development
    If you want to broaden your skill set to include web application development, but aren’t ready for a full degree in technology, the Undergraduate Certificate in Web Application Development might be what you’re looking for.
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Stackable Credentials

Stand out to potential employers and get on a path to a full degree by stacking your academically based qualifications. Move up in your current industry, transition to a new field, or gain new skills and understanding in a specific area with this tangible return-on-investment.


Affordable Fixed Tuition

We strive to make each student’s education as affordable as possible. With our Tuition Guarantee, your tuition cost won’t increase over time. That means no student fees or price hikes from enrollment to graduation.


Recognized and Respected

CSU Global is the first and only 100% online, public, not-for-profit, regionally accredited state university in the nation. Having earned top spots on a number of recent online university rankings, a degree or online undergraduate certificate from CSU Global proves you’ve got what it takes to succeed on day one.


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