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Colorado State University Global is proud to offer discounted tuition and support tailored to active service members and veterans and their families in a 100% online format, created for nontraditional learners. Whether your goal is to advance within the armed forces or transition into the civilian sector, CSU Global is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of servicemembers and their dependents.


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Important Information for Military Students

CSU Global offers additional benefits for veterans, including military tuition assistance and special military tuition rates. This 10% discount is available to the following degree- or certificate-seeking individuals:

  • Active-duty servicemembers, providing a copy of current orders, an LES, or another document clearly identifying active-duty status.
  • Military and Veteran spouses and dependents.
  • Veterans (retired/separated personnel) with an honorable discharge who provide a copy of a DD214 showing Character of Service.

Effective January 16, 2023, CSU Global is further lowering its undergraduate tuition rate to $250 per credit hour for active-duty, guard, and reserves personnel.  The rate, which expands on CSU Global’s already-discounted military tuition cost, also applies to spouses and qualified dependents of active-duty service members. All graduate-level programs (master’s degrees and graduate certificates) will remain at the 10% discounted rate of $450 per credit hour. In addition, the 10% discounted rate will continue to apply for all programs, both undergraduate and graduate, for veterans and their spouses and dependents.

CSU Global Tuition Per Credit Hour
Effective January 16, 2023

  Bachelor's Degree Undergrad Certificate Master's Degree Graduate Certificate
Regular Tuition Rate
(per credit hour)
$350 $350 $500 $500
Active-Duty/Guard/Reservists and Their Spouses and Dependents $250 $250 $450 $450
Veterans and Their Spouses and Dependents $315 $315 $450 $450
Department of Defense/Civilian Employees $315 $315 $450 $450

As of 2019, CSU Global became the only 100% online education that Colorado National Guard members can apply their tuition assistance benefit toward. If you’re a current CSU Global student who’s using our Colorado National Guard scholarship, your new tuition assistance benefit will be replacing this scholarship going forward.

Depending on eligibility, tuition costs may be covered by available military benefits, and with our tuition guarantee, student costs will not increase as long as he/she is enrolled. Financial aid is also available to those who qualify.

Please note: CSU Global is not a Yellow Ribbon Program school, as the Post-9/11 GI Bill® covers all qualified military student tuition charges accrued at a public university if the student is 100% post-9/11 eligible.

Visit for more information. For students going through the enrollment process, please call 855-753-9557. For continuing students, please call 877-900-2655 and select option 1 (undergraduate) or option 2 (graduate), to speak with a student success counselor.

Education and Training Benefit Factsheets are available through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and provide more information about the different types of military educational benefits available.

If you have questions about the types of aid available, we encourage you to contact either the education office at your local military installation or the Department of Veterans Affairs at 888-442-4551 or

To speed up the military online college admissions process and ensure their military tuition rates and TA/VA paperwork is processed in a timely manner, applicants should review the following information and directions.