24/7 Online Library Access

At any time, from anywhere you can get online, you’ll have access to credible and scholarly sources through the easy-to-use CSU Global Online Library. Get 24/7 access to a collection of databases including journals, industry-specific publications, ebooks, government information, and more, including:

  • Self-Guided Tutorials: Learn how to use the library, how to find the information you need quickly, how to use it most effectively, and how to properly cite your sources.
  • One-on-One Online Sessions with the Librarian: CSU Global’s librarian is available to help you online, one-on-one. He’ll make an appointment with you that works with your schedule.
  • Writing Tutorials: We know that strong writing skills are vital to your success in your classes and in the workplace. The CSU Global Library offers easy access to resources to help you develop those skills.
  • APA Resource Guides: In most CSU Global courses, you’ll use APA Style to format your papers. The online library offers resources to help you with this, including templates, sample papers, and references to help answer specific questions.