Learn more about the dedicated staff members serving and supporting our students. This month’s staff spotlight is on Kellyann Weber, Student Advisor and CSU Global Alumnus.  
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Kellyann is a Colorado native who has worked with us as a student advisor since May of 2015. She is a proud Alumnus of CSU Global, who completed her Master’s in Organizational Leadership in the Fall of 2013. Prior to working at CSU Global, Kellyann worked in retail management at various university bookstores. She loved being part of a learning community and knew she wanted to continue her career within higher education. After earning her master’s, she naturally felt connected to her school and wanted to continue to be a part of the CSU Global community. In her spare time she sings in the Columbine Chorale; she studied music and participated in opera in college, so music has always been a huge part of her life. Kellyann is also a fitness nut and enjoys watching scary movies! A Typical, or Not so Typical, Day in Student Advising The student advising team is the primary point of contact for current students and handles questions not only about registration and degree plans but also financial aid and student accounts. Kellyann explained that as student advisor, every day is different. From enrolling students in their classes, to simply offering words of encouragement, our student advisors are there to support our students in any way they can.

“There is never a dull moment in student advising, which I really like as I am never on auto pilot. Our goal is to get our students to the finish line and to support them throughout their entire student experience.”

The student advising team collaborates with various departments to ensure that our student’s needs are being met and that they have the support, resources, and information they need to complete their degrees. “The thing that I most enjoy about working at CSU Global is the culture and the fast pace.” says Kellyann “Everyone at CSU Global has great attitudes; you can really see that collaboration is celebrated and encouraged.” We are always looking for ways to improve our student’s experience and the student advising team plays a huge role as we continue to grow and evolve. Her Student Experience As a former student, Kellyann is able to relate to our students and help support them in a unique way; she can provide the advice and emotional support of someone who has been in the same exact shoes. Like many of our students, she knew she wanted to pursue her master’s degree but needed the flexibility to continue to work full time. CSU Global allowed her to continue her education without putting her other priorities on hold.

“I really enjoyed the ability to jump into assignments at times that worked around my work schedule. I was able to work full time, but also study and maintain a social life. The online format of the courses allowed me to be flexible in my studies, while still providing structure.”

She was able to tailor her degree to fit her interests and career goals, which kept her engaged and excited to complete her degree program. Three Bits of Advice From Kellyann:
  1. Get APA guidelines under your belt. Once you know APA, the citations become a fluid part of the paper and not so much an additional requirement.
  2. Make a schedule for your discussion posts and stick to it! If you make a plan of when you’re going to read and when you’re going to post your discussion posts, then you’re more likely to follow through.
  3. If you are planning on going back to school, what better time is there than the present? Life is always going to happen and things are going to come up, but as long as you make the commitment you’ll find a way to succeed.