Just four years ago, Santi Rungaroon was a U.S. Marine working as a computer technician on deployment in Al Jaber, Kuwait. Today, Sgt. Rungaroon is back on U.S. soil, at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, working on his bachelor’s degree, and embarking on a promising career in cybersecurity. 

While deployed, the Grand Junction, Colorado, native was seriously considering his future and where his career path – whether military or civilian – would take him. “My first job in the Marine Corps was a computer technician. I've always had an interest in computers, so I got lucky to have that,” says Rungaroon. 

When exploring his options, “I noticed that every job related to the field I wanted to go into required me to have a degree.” Rungaroon and his wife were expecting a baby soon, making these decisions weigh even more heavily on his mind. 

In 2017, he enrolled in CSU Global’s B.S. in Information Systems and Business Analytics program. Originally, Rungaroon decided to enroll at CSU Global due to the unpredictable nature of military schedules – and the connection to his home state of Colorado didn’t hurt. 

He says that the ease of applying his Marine Corps tuition assistance, the flexibility of schedules and locations, and accelerated, yet challenging, eight-week courses all come to mind when thinking of what he appreciates about CSU Global. 

As for his career path? Rungaroon credits his Gunnery Sergeant with recommending that he consider transitioning to a role as a Cyber Defense Operator. “Basically securing networks,” says Rungaroon. “It sounded like it was out of my league, but I went for it anyway, and luckily, I found out that I made the spot.” 

While eager to tackle his new role, earning a bachelor’s degree is still a win-win for Rungaroon. It allows him to excel as a Marine and pursue the rank of officer if he remains enlisted, while also opening doors to more opportunities if he ultimately chooses the civilian route. 

“CSU Global has been helpful in every aspect, from trying to get started for classes and registering, to actually being in class, and my student advisor – really everything.”

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