Portrait of a girl smiling

CSU Global Student Success Counselor Rebekah Shaw chose her career path because she wanted to make a real impact in students’ lives. 

“I love being able to work with students from the moment they register for their first course until the moment they graduate. I get to meet people from all kinds of backgrounds and have formed strong relationships with students. Being able to provide encouragement and connect students with resources to be successful makes this position meaningful and rewarding.” 

Despite CSU Global’s programs existing entirely online, that didn’t stop the COVID-19 pandemic from affecting students’ academic progress. Changes in childcare availability, employment hours and locations, and more upended students’ lives, but Shaw made sure she reached out and proactively took action to connect her students with the help they needed. 

“CSU Global is very student-centered in everything we do. We know that our students have lives beyond school, and we try to connect and offer solutions that take into account their unique situations to offer a truly supportive learning environment.” 

“As a Student Success Counselor, I offer support to my students by connecting them with resources like our Student Assistance Program, as well as university policies around deadlines to help them catch up in courses or request extensions as needed. The fact that CSU Global was already a leader in online education was great because it allowed us to be a source of stability for a lot of students.”

Shaw credits CSU Global’s entrepreneurial and agile culture with making it a great place to work—and even though staff works remotely, she feels very connected with her team. “The culture at CSU Global is very caring and open to change. If something isn’t working or if there’s a process that can be improved, we take that feedback seriously and will look for new methods or approaches to meeting our goals.”

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