Student Success Counselor Christopher Goss is proud to spend his days helping CSU Global students achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Goss credits his success to his genuine enjoyment of getting to know new people – not just on the surface, but learning what their goals and dreams are, so that he can help them find success. Goss explained that an open mind and a desire to improve every student’s experience adds to his own professional fulfillment.

Talking to students and identifying their ambitions is the most gratifying part of being a Student Success Counselor, shared Goss. “Just getting to have conversations, getting to talk to people that I might not have otherwise, and having that in-road into what their motivations are... I really try to get to know the students and learn what’s bringing them to the program.” 

The best part of my job is seeing students develop over time and watching them achieve their goals that we discussed when they first enrolled at CSU Global.

When asked whether he was surprised about any aspect of his job, Goss said, “The biggest surprise would be what it’s like working with graduate students. I’m impressed by how self-directed they are and their motivation to continue in their own success.” 

In addition to coaching, supporting, and advising students, Goss said that he’s had to find some creative solutions in order to guide students, but that’s part of what makes his job, especially within CSU Global’s online programs and platform, more rewarding. 

“My job is to keep people on track and provide motivation, and most of my students come in with those things already in spades,” said Goss. “What I end up doing more often than not is building those relationships, checking in, and providing the kind of support that people don’t often receive in their educational experience, even in on-campus settings.” 

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