CSU Global Direct student and aspiring physician assistant Edwina Morris Tackett shares how the courses are helping her reach her goals.

In March 2022, CSU Global launched a new offering for non-degree-seeking students, CSU Global Direct. Designed to provide prerequisite courses students need to attend professional school, begin a graduate program, or accelerate their undergraduate degree, the first suite of courses caters to aspiring healthcare professionals. 

CSU Global’s Associate Vice President of Digital Learning Andrea Butler, who was instrumental in the implementation and design of CSU Global Direct, sees the offering as a way to close the equity gap for students. “We have to think about the different priorities and standards that other groups of people live by. How do we approach that, and how can we orient ourselves to embrace those needs? 

Edwina MT

Aspiring physician assistant Edwina Morris Tackett is currently taking her third course via CSU Global Direct, an experience she considers “an incredible opportunity.” Tackett, a wife and mother of three boys under the age of 10, has always believed in the power of education. Not only does she hold a bachelor’s degree from East Tennessee State University, Tackett graduated on her oldest son’s second birthday with a master’s in public health from the University of Tennessee. 

While being a medical provider was always part of her plan, Tackett also values being accessible to her family – attending her sons’ sporting events, attending church functions, and being active in her community. After exploring her options, she found CSU Global Direct and signed up for two back-to-back courses, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology. 

CSU Global Direct removes traditional barriers to enrollment by allowing students to  self-register for nearly 40 lectures and labs, such as Advanced Pharmacology, Immunology, and Medical Terminology, while receiving the same access to student support services as degree-seeking students. In addition, students can pay on a per-course basis, avoiding unnecessary loan debt.

It’s important to Tackett that her children see her pursue higher education and chase her career goals – just as her mother did when she was younger. “When I was in kindergarten, my mom started her bachelor’s degree program,” shared Tackett. “My brother and I were always taught that education is the key to success. We both received full academic scholarships after high school.” 

Edwina Family

Tackett’s goal is to apply to the Yale School of Medicine’s Physician Assistant online program upon completion of her prerequisite courses through CSU Global Direct. The hybrid program would allow her to complete clinical rotations in her home state of Tennessee and attend lectures online – a feat she knows she can accomplish after taking courses online this year. 

“My husband tells me that I light up every time I talk about my courses,” shared Tackett. “I truly appreciate CSU Global Direct and how the courses are formatted because I wouldn’t be able to be present in our household or move forward in my future career planning without it.” 

As for her advice to others looking to advance in the healthcare field? “Take it one day at a time and always remember what a blessing it is to learn, move forward, and reach for your goals.” 

To learn more about CSU Global Direct, visit csuglobal.edu/direct or call 800-672-0624.