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What should I know about online degree programs?

This page is designed to answer many of our frequently asked questions about online degrees. It is intended to serve as a good starting point for considering the option, and to help you determine if this is the correct path for you.

We are obviously not able to answer every question students may have, so if you do wish to know something that is not covered here, don't hesitate to get in touch.

What is an Online Degree?

An online degree is a degree that you earn through completing courses over the internet. These courses take many forms and span many disciplines.  They are a great way to get ahead in your career when you have a busy schedule or are otherwise limited in the time you can dedicate to being a student.

This is obviously a very basic overview. Read on to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Degree Online?

The benefits of earning a degree online are many. For instance, there's the flexibility that comes with a lack of fixed class schedules. For students who have hectic work schedules or life obligations, or for those who just enjoy traveling and making their own way forward, that can be a big benefit.

Online college can also be more affordable, which is a benefit for students looking to get ahead financially. In fact, our tuition has held steady, even while it's increased elsewhere (on average) 8% per year. The lack of a ground campus means you won't have to pay student fees for facilities you don't use, and we offer a Tuition Guarantee which locks in your low rates through graduation.

Are Online Degrees Good Options for Everyone?

Online degrees may not be good options for everybody.  After all, very few things are good options for everybody.  But earning a degree online is a good option for a wide range of students.

If the traditional learning environment didn't work for you, or if you're uncomfortable with the idea for any reason, an online environment may suit you better.  If you don't have reliable transportation or don't wish to spend too much time commuting, the lack of a ground campus can be a big help.  If you don't have a fixed work schedule conducive to set class times, doing your assignments at your own pace solves that issue.

The real question with earning your degree online is whether or not it fits with your particular lifestyle. For further reading on this subject, check out this page as well.

How Does Online School Work?

In an online school, technology is what connects students to their instructors, to their coursework, and to each other. Each of our instructors is specially trained to teach in a dynamic, asynchronous learning environment, which allows CSU-Global to provide a versatile learning experience.

Students interact with their classmates and their instructors every week, and they each have the ability to login and comment or join the discussion when their schedules allow.  This means that valuable conversations and discussions still occur, but at a pace that works for each individual student.

Most classes include online discussions, critical thinking assignments, exercises, and portfolio projects. You can check out some sample coursework by clicking here.

Are Online Degrees Valid and Respected by Employers?

Online degrees are valid...depending on where you earn them. That's why it's so important to research a college or university's accreditation.  

Accreditation is awarded to an institute of higher learning by an independent, external group of auditors who confirm that the college or university in question keeps the promises it makes to students.

CSU-Global is regionally accredited. Regional accreditation is highly regarded around the world because it is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed process that ensures a consistent standard of quality for higher education institutions. CSU-Global is proud to be one of the few regionally accredited online universities.

Similarly, employers respect degrees (online or otherwise) from institutions that they recognize positively.  CSU-Global is part of the world-renowned CSU System, which means you are earning your degree from an institution employers already know and trust.

What Kind of Programs Are Offered Online?

Every one of our programs is offered 100% online, with no fixed class times or locations.  We offer undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and certificates of completion at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  

Click through to view the complete lists of academic offerings, and you'll see just how versatile an online learning environment can be.

Are Online Graduates Successful?

Online graduates can absolutely be successful, and CSU-Global graduates do a great job of proving it.  

As of Spring 2016, 91% of alumni report working for pay after graduation. Additionally, 25% of alumni reported receiving a promotion, 22% reported securing a better job, and 21% reported that they secured a job in a new field.

That's likely due in large part to the education they received, as 95% of alumni reported being satisfied with their CSU-Global education, and 88% reported that it contributed to their lifelong learning skills.

You can review more complete and current statistics in the Briefing Book available here.

How Long Do Online Degree Programs Take?

Completing degree programs online can be significantly faster than completing them at a traditional ground campus...or it could take a bit longer. It depends on the particular student's pace and schedule.

It also depends on how many credits a student transfers in to their degree program with CSU-Global.  We are committed to accepting as many transfer credits as possible, and you can learn more about that here.

We also accept various types of outside credit options, and offer ways to earn alternative credit through Competency Based Exams and Prior Learning Assessments.

These are all ways to earn your degree faster and for less, and if you get in touch one of our Enrollment Counselors will be able to help you determine how quickly you can earn your degree.

How Do I Enroll in an Online Program?

Enrolling in an online program is easy.  Begin the process by reviewing the admission requirements for either undergraduates or for graduates.  You can then fill out the online application to apply now, and you'll be on your way.

If you have any further questions, be sure to get in touch.


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