Calling all workforce innovators!

In June, CSU Global joined an innovative partnership with MIT Solve, Morgridge Family Foundation, and IBM to identify, support, and scale promising solutions that accelerate pathways to current and future employment opportunities—especially for members of underserved communities. 

The Reimagining Pathways to Employment in the US Challenge seeks the most promising solutions that focus on non-coastal states, U.S. heartland regions, and/or racial justice. A $625,000 prize pool, as well as an opportunity to conduct validation pilots with innovative U.S. workforce boards, is available to winners. 

Have a solution?

MIT Solve is hosting virtual Solveathon workshops to help applicants develop and refine their solutions to the challenge through design-thinking methodology. Register for the Solveathon in your region in. We hope to see you and your team members there!

Former CSU Global President and CEO Dr. Becky Takeda Tinker will join the Oct. 8 Solveathon workshop to discuss how fully online platforms and lifelong learning can benefit students, employers, and the economy in the wake of COVID-19.