CSU Global President Pamela Toney recently joined Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT) President Debbie Brown for an episode of COBRT’s podcast, Profits and Purpose, to discuss the connection between workforce development and higher education.

President Toney shared her perspective on the importance of industry-focused degree programs, how CSU Global responded to upskilling issues during the pandemic, and how industry and education can work together to be co-creators of talent.

Listen to the full episode on the COBRT YouTube channel.

“We’re focusing all of our skills and learning on what students need so they can be effective employees,” said President Toney. “We primarily serve working adults, so we want to make sure that even though they are working, taking care of families, etc., they have the curriculum, the support, and the services they need. When it comes to designing and developing our programs, we want to make sure they are relevant in the industry, so we ensure we’re working with top experts on our curriculum so students get real in-demand skills for when they get into the workplace.”

President Toney also serves on the COBRT Board of Directors. COBRT, a team of leaders from some of Colorado’s largest employers, works to strengthen the state’s economic vitality. As an integral member of the community, COBRT engages with elected leaders, businesses and nonprofit leaders to improve the business climate and amplify the voices of business in Colorado.