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We’re thrilled to announce that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MIT Solve initiative, a marketplace for innovation in social impact, has announced five organizations as the recipient of a $125,000 grant to launch pilot programs all over the United States. 

The Reimagining Pathways to Employment challenge, sponsored in part by CSU Global, is designed to level the playing field in career advancement and education. Historically, the path to success has been uneven in this country. Millions of Americans have struggled with long-term unemployment and underemployment, low-paying jobs, student debt, and racial and gender injustices that have hindered their ability to succeed.

The Reimagining Pathways challenge aims to accelerate the path to employment for millions of people across the country, focusing on non-coastal states, interior regions of the country, and solutions that prioritize solutions to racial injustice.

The Winners of the MIT Solve Grant

MIT Solve named five winners to the Solve initiative grants: Arts2Work, ChargerHelp!, Centro, Generation USA, and The Last Mile. Each of these organizations will receive a $100,000 grant to launch pilot programs all across the country in collaboration with U.S. Workforce Boards. The initiatives will combat racial and gender injustices in the U.S. that stand in the way of education, employment, and earning potential in historically marginalized communities.

Up to one million displaced workers are expected to benefit from these grants, allowing solutions to be offered to them at no extra cost. MIT Solve will support the development and implementation of new partnerships and issue IBM Cloud Credits and virtual coaching with IBM experts.

Crowdsourcing Solutions to Global Problems

MIT’s Solve initiative is just one way that a group of creative, innovative people can bring their collective minds to address problems of global importance. Corporations have been crowdsourcing talent for creative purposes for years, from designing new products to influencing the direction of the company itself.

Initiatives like MIT Solve are an exciting new way that nonprofits and universities are leveraging the power of collective human minds to solve major social problems like poverty, sustainability, and inequity.

Prepare for the Workforce of Tomorrow

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