Colorado State University Global (CSU Global), the first-ever 100% online state university, today announced its partnership with AdvanceEDU, the Denver-based hybrid college providing innovative pathways to degree completion through student support services and access to online degree programs. The partnership will expand affordable certificate and degree options in business, healthcare, technology, and human services by providing students with access to CSU Global’s degree programs after students earn their lower-division credits.

“This partnership is a model for how universities can partner with the non-profit community to be more accessible, more equitable, and more creative in how we provide support to our students,” said Pamela Toney, president of CSU Global. “As an institution committed to serving the modern learner and providing the flexibility necessary for students to be successful in all aspects of their lives, CSU Global is proud to offer our career-relevant degree programs to AdvanceEDU students. Together we are creating seamless pathways to long-term academic and professional success by ensuring that traditional barriers do not get in the way of Colorado students achieving their goals.”

This innovative partnership is one of the many ways CSU Global maintains its commitment to Colorado and expands access to higher education. While this Denver-based partnership is new, offering a holistic experience to higher education is nothing new for CSU Global. CSU Global’s student support services, including dedicated student success counselors, industry-expert faculty, and 24/7 tech support, will ensure that AdvanceEDU students are supported every step of the way. In addition to receipt of CSU Global’s virtual student support services, students will also be able to receive intensive success coaching and in-person support at AdvanceEDU’s downtown Denver co-learning campus, which offers meals, technology, tutoring, career services, and childcare options to accommodate students and their families. AdvanceEDU also helps address barriers to completion as they arise through emergency grants and streamlined access to community resources.

“This is the first partnership of its kind among the growing field of hybrid colleges nationally,” said Lauren Trent, Chief Executive Officer at AdvanceEDU. “We are thrilled to lock arms with an institution responsible for breaking so much ground in the world of online higher education. Together with CSU Global, we are ensuring Colorado students are equipped with the resources they need to successfully navigate the flexible, affordable, and high-quality pathways that CSU Global provides.”

Accelerated eight-week courses, monthly starts, and alternative credit opportunities help AdvanceEDU and CSU Global students earn a degree, not debt, more quickly. Whichever career path students choose, it will be one with lifetime earning potential. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data, CSU Global alumni annual salaries for both bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates are over 30% higher than the national median. Also, with a goal to encourage lifelong learning, alumni who decide to further their degree will receive a tuition discount at CSU Global when they are ready to return.

“Colorado is once again at the forefront of innovation in talent development,” said Kent Thiry, an AdvanceEDU co-founder and board chair. “The collaboration between AdvanceEDU and CSU Global is a sustainable way to elevate the next generation of professionals through a student-centered and affordable model that is full of opportunities for job-relevant personal growth. Companies who hire graduates of this program will create a stronger and more diverse workforce.”

Learning providers, non-profit organizations, associations looking to partner with CSU Global to establish new degree pathways should contact Outreach [at]

About Colorado State University Global:

Colorado State University Global (CSU Global) offers career-relevant bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for working adults and nontraditional learners. As the first and only 100% online, fully accredited public university in the United States, CSU Global is focused on student success as its number one priority. Embracing the land grant heritage as part of the Colorado State University System, CSU Global sets the standard for quality and innovation in higher education through its expert faculty who are recognized as industry leaders and trained in working with adults in an online learning environment. CSU Global offers accelerated eight-week courses that start every four weeks. Visit to learn more.

About AdvanceEDU: AdvanceEDU is a new kind of college experience built around the needs of young Coloradans who are working, caring for family, or are the first in their family to attend college. AdvanceEDU’s unique approach relies on partnerships with trusted, nonprofit universities that provide affordable access to their digital degree programs. AdvanceEDU simplifies the college experience from admissions and financial aid, to coursework completion, building a professional network, and landing that dream career. Each student gets personalized coaching support and access to a comfortable co-learning space and a supportive student community. For most AdvanceEDU students, college is completely debt-free. Learn more at