In addition to the university's highly anticipated Spring 2021 Virtual Commencement ceremony on June 5, CSU Global recently hosted a series of Virtual Program Receptions, one for each program of study. The Program Receptions were a wonderful opportunity for students to drop-in and say thank you, or even introduce their families, to the faculty who’ve guided them along their educational journey. The Program Receptions also served as an opportunity for students to network with fellow graduates. In an effort to incorporate less scripted content into the ceremony, portions of these receptions will be shared during the Spring 2021 Virtual Commencement Ceremony. 

One memorable moment from the Management reception came from Scott Gamel of Aurora, Colorado. Gamel joked that he was 35 years into his four-year degree and is glad to be finally earning his degree after all these years. Gamel shared a great story of an interaction with one of his staff members who said she felt stagnant in her career. Gamel made a deal with her: If she went back to school he would as well. “Well dammit if she didn’t go back, so I went back too!” 

We invite you to hear more of these inspiring, fun, and emotional stories from our graduates during the Spring 2021 Virtual Commencement ceremony, 10 a.m. MT, Saturday, June 5, at