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Degree Specialization inPopulation Health

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Stand out to potential employers as a capable leader in healthcare.

Healthcare professionals and leaders constantly manage new and complex ethical, decision-making, and industry-specific challenges. The field of healthcare is dynamic and rewarding, and organizations have a pressing need for qualified leaders with an understanding of many different populations.

Population health is an approach to patient care, as related to overall healthcare, prevention, and safety, with the goal to improve the health of an entire human population. The Population Health specialization program prepares professionals in healthcare leadership roles to understand and analyze the healthcare data of various demographics, as well as to determine which socioeconomic factors may be contributing to health outcomes and to recognize the needs of communities.


The specialization provides a comprehensive foundation in the essentials of population health — new care-delivery structures, socioeconomic determinants of disease, data analytics, and identifying Community Health Needs. This program will enable students to enhance their skills in population health for the strategy, leadership, and management of complex population healthcare programs and services. Additionally, this specialization program allows students to continue their studies to earn a master’s degree in Master of Healthcare Administration.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the structure of the US healthcare system and its impact on population-based health outcomes.
  • Assess new priorities and requirements in prevention, evidence-based practice, comparative effectiveness, public health, and health policy established by the population health framework.
  • Evaluate how health information systems support and inform data analytics, decision-making, and workflow within and across healthcare settings.
  • Discuss how population health programs and initiatives are advanced by identifying community health needs and managing costs and to improve access, quality, and safety.

This specialization is available to students in all graduate programs. Population Health specialization courses in order of completion:

  • HCM505: Principles of Population Health

    This course provides students with the skills needed to assess and enhance the health of a community. Students focus on health behaviors, environmental influences, health policy, and economic and healthcare system issues in health promotion and disease prevention.

  • HCM532: Healthcare Change Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

    This course focuses on the unique skills related to leading to change management, innovation, and entrepreneurship processes in healthcare. Student will learn about unique change management and innovation skills and attributes necessary to guide organizations and people through the process of innovation in a way that ensures successful innovation outcomes. Also, this course provides students with an understanding of fundamental organizational, personal, cultural, and competitive issues and challenges related to organizational change in the 21st-century healthcare environment. Various models of organizational change will be examined and critically evaluated for use in this setting.

  • HCM555: Health Informatics & Population Health Analytics

    This course explores the strategies to adopt electronic health record systems (EMRs) and new forms of data to be used to measure healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes. In this introductory course, participants explore the value proposition for "clinical intelligence” and the role of analytics in supporting a data-driven learning healthcare system.

  • HCM575: Population Health Program Assessment, Implementation, and Evaluation

    In this course, students assess population and community health needs and resources, program design and implementation, and evaluation as core functions of population health practice. This course offers students with the essential tools and knowledge base to conduct effective population health and community-based health promotion activities with a diverse array of populations and health issues.

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