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Degree Specialization inACCOUNTING

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A better understanding of the bottom line will help you succeed in the business world, whatever your title or position.

Grasping the effect a budget has on organizational decision making isn’t easy for everyone. If you have a mind for numbers, fine-tuning your skills through specialized online accounting courses will give you the upper hand in financial and management opportunities.

This program will help prepare you for the CPA exam and show employers you have the advanced accounting knowledge to succeed in real-world situations. Some topics you will cover include global accounting, income tax preparation, and financial ethics.

This program consists of four graduate online accounting courses for a total of 12 credit hours.

  • ACT506: Advanced: Accounting II

    This course advances a student's knowledge of the principles of accounting. Students will gain a complex understanding of partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations as well as explore international accounting and government accounting.

  • ACT510: Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

    This course explores various types and methods of financial fraud to provide students with ways to prevent and deter fraudulent occurrences in a financial environment. Topics include identifying the warning signs of fraud; fraud prevention, deterrence, and detection; fraud investigation methods; and litigation processes including fraud loss recovery, expert witness testimony, and resolution.

  • ACT550: Advanced Income Taxation

    This course is an in-depth study of pass-through entities, estates, and gift taxation. Students will learn how partnerships, S corporations, and limited liability companies are taxed. Basic estate planning will be discussed, as well as federal estate, trust, and gift taxation.

  • ACT560: Accounting Ethics

    This course examines current ethical and professional standards required of accountants and Certified Public Accountants. It includes theories used to predict human behavior and applies these theories to the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and other codes of accounting practice. Students will learn ethical reasoning, objectivity, independence, integrity, and professionalism and how these elements apply to real-world situations. Prerequisite: ACT506

You have two options for completing your online accounting program:

#1 - Certificate of Completion or #2 Specialization


A Non-Degree Certificate of Completion

Quickly enhance your resume by gaining knowledge and skills in a specific area that meets your career goals.

If you decide you’re interested in earning your full degree at a later date, the credits you earned in your Certificate of Completion program can count towards your degree!

Call us and learn more about getting started as a non-degree seeking student.


A Specialization in Your Master's Degree

Add an area of focus to your degree that can help you stand out to future employers.


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