You Can Succeed in an Online Math Class
Learning math feels intimidating for some students. If you’re one of those students, though, don’t give in to the belief that math isn’t for you. With a few adjustments to your study routine, you can be successful in your online math classes. Math doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating, and you can, in fact, do more than just get by with a passing grade in those classes. Below are a few ideas and tips for how to succeed: Log on to your courses when you are most “sharp,” mentally. Are you more of a morning person or a night person? While you’re already busy balancing your career, personal life, and classes, it helps if you can carve out time when you’re most alert to pay attention to course content and take great notes. If you’re a morning person, it may help to wake up earlier in the morning and add your math class to your morning routine. For night owls, get focused and give yourself time to truly engage in your classwork before turning in for the night. Consider time blocking -- and don’t procrastinate! When you receive an assignment, it is wise to start on it as soon as possible. Even if you feel the need to take frequent breaks, it is better to work in alternating blocks of work and breaks than to procrastinate. Make sure you give yourself enough time to study the examples from your course content, as well as to review before submitting assignments to your instructor. Before taking your exams, read your previous assignments and notes thoroughly and consistently.
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Ask for help. If you have questions for your instructors, please ask them -- or ask if there are other students they know of who would be willing to help you. Additionally, take full advantage of tutoring services offered to you, and reach out to classmates, as well. There is nothing wrong or shameful about feeling unsure or asking questions. Find a study partner or group. When you first start taking an online course, it is encouraged, and sometimes mandatory, that you introduce yourself to your instructor and classmates on discussion boards. This is also a great time to exchange contact information and availability. Getting to know your classmates and forming study groups can be crucial to learning from and becoming a resource to your classmates. You can also work together to  establish mutual accountability for completing class assignments. Believe in yourself, and remember the bigger picture. Becoming successful in your math class - as with anything - will take time. Think about all of your previous accomplishments and the challenges you have had to overcome, and use those as fuel to push through and put forth your best effort in classes. Remember that you can build a support system of people who want to help you succeed, and know that you are capable of achieving greatness in your math classes and other life endeavors.