Recently we discussed what finance professionals do and what you can do with a finance degree, and today we’ll discuss what finance is in the first place.

Finance is a vital industry that impacts the entire economy.

No organization or person can function in modern society without money, and it’s the financial professionals who are typically responsible for handling a person’s or an organization’s financial strategy.

More specifically, finance refers to the management of money and the financial professionals who are responsible for activities like investing, borrowing, lending, saving, and forecasting. Within this broad definition, there are multiple different areas that finance professionals are involved in, including:

  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Borrowing
  • Lending

Clearly, finance isn’t the simplest field, but it is an important one, which is why there’s so much potential for launching a lifelong career in the industry.

No matter what type of finance career you want to pursue, you should consider getting a degree in the area you’re interested in.

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Is Finance a Good Field to Get Into?

Yes, finance is an excellent field to consider launching a career in.

Finance professionals are needed by virtually every organization and company, so no matter what sector, industry, or space you’re interested in, you may find employment with a company that perfectly aligns with your interests.  

The role of a finance professional is challenging, requiring advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities, but with hard work and dedication, opportunities increase to find rewarding, long-term employment in the industry.

What Do Finance Professionals Actually Do?

Finance professionals have a wide variety of responsibilities and duties, but there are some specific tasks that make up the typical role in the field.

If you’re looking to get into finance, we suggest prioritizing educational training and skills development in the following areas:

  • Learning the terminology, theories, concepts, practices, and skills specific to the field of finance.
  • Understanding financial principles to practical business and personal finance situations.
  • Performing financial analysis using quantitative concepts and techniques.
  • Interpreting financial statements and ratios.
  • Examining investment and financial risk.
  • Applying legislation, regulations, and principles of practice to financial scenarios.
  • Communicating professionally through writing and presentations.

Do I Need a Degree to Become a Finance Professional?

While you don’t necessarily need a degree in finance to become a finance professional, most of the good positions within the industry are likely to require that you hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

But even if your desired position doesn’t demand a degree, getting a B.S. in Finance is a great idea, as it will help prepare you for the unique challenges that you’re likely to face while working in this challenging and competitive field.

Getting your Bachelor’s in Finance will help ensure you’ve developed an understanding of the critical financial concepts, theories, and practices you’ll need to know when serving as a finance professional.

Which Finance Degree Should I Get? A Bachelor’s or Master’s?

When it comes time to decide which finance degree you should get, you’ll want to choose the program that is most in line with your educational and professional goals, as well as one that suits your skills, experience, and personal qualities.

Finance Bachelor’s vs. Master’s

The choice between a Bachelor’s or a Master’s in Finance comes down to the role of each degree program and determining which one will be best to help advance your career.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Finance will be a better fit for someone who doesn’t already have an undergraduate degree or who is curious about the field of finance and looking to break into it for the first time.

On the other hand, a Master’s in Finance program is better suited for those with an existing undergraduate degree, or someone who already has experience in the field of finance and wants to move into management or senior-level positions.

To summarize, while bachelor’s programs will prepare you for entry-level roles in finance, a master’s program is much more focused on preparing you for leadership-oriented positions or hyper-focused specializations.

To get help making this important decision, we encourage you to contact an enrollment counselor who can help guide you to the right program based on your specific needs.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance?

Choosing to get a degree in finance is one of the most versatile educational choices you can make since nearly every industry requires the kind of expertise, skills, and knowledge that a B.S. in Finance program delivers.

To make it clear that you’ll have options as a graduate from a bachelor’s program, here are some of the most popular job titles for alumni from our B.S. in Finance program:

Other potential jobs that may be well-suited for graduates from B.S. in Finance programs include:

  • Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sale Agent
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Investor Relations Associate
  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Manager
  • Actuary
  • Accountant

If you think the bachelor's-level program is better suited for your career objectives, then consider enrolling in CSU Global’s online Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Finance?

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, or if you’re aiming to secure employment in managerial or other senior-level positions in the field, then a Master’s in Finance program may be a better fit for you.

A master’s program will not only provide you with a foundational knowledge of finance best practices, but is also more likely to delve into more detail regarding finance techniques, which could better prepare you for the following types of roles:

With additional years of work experience, an M.S. in Finance can even lead to senior leadership positions such as Director of Finance or even Chief Financial Officer.

Is a Degree in Finance Really Worth It?

Yes, earning your degree in finance is an incredible way to launch a career in this lucrative industry.

It may seem like a heavy investment in terms of time, cost, and effort, but getting that degree is an excellent way to help secure your financial future by preparing you to serve as a finance professional.

At CSU Global, our B.S. in Finance program is based on practical concepts that will help you find continual success throughout your career.  

Our excellent faculty all have extensive and recent experience in the industry, and our program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to understand the inner workings of real-world finances, ensuring that you’ll graduate prepared to bring value to any organization from day one.

Should I Get my Finance Degree Online?

Yes, you should consider getting your Finance Degree online from a regionally accredited and widely respected school, like CSU Global.

Our 100% online finance degree program is designed to offer as much flexibility as possible, including:

  • No requirements to show up at set times or in physical locations.
  • Monthly class starts.
  • Accelerated 8 week courses.

If you have family and work responsibilities, and you need to balance them with educational pursuits, then getting your degree online from CSU Global may be the ideal option.

Why Should I Pick CSU Global’s Finance Program?

CSU Global’s online Finance Bachelor’s and Master’s programs prepare students to meet the challenges they’ll face working in the field of global financial services.

Our programs are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and the Master’s in Finance is also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

These programs were designed to be completed 100% online, offering you the flexibility you need to complete your educational pursuits without sacrificing existing family and career responsibilities.

Reasons to Choose our B.S. in Finance Degree

CSU Global is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an online college for finance. Our program will help you develop essential skills to work in this competitive industry, including:

  • Foundations of financial management.
  • Fiscal decision-making skills.
  • Technological approaches to business challenges.
  • Understanding financial risk.

Also, when choosing the CSU Global Bachelor’s in Finance with a Financial Planning specialization, you’ll be in one of just a few programs in the country that is recognized by the CFP Board®. 

Those who earn a CFP Board-recognized degree are distinguishing themselves among their peers by meeting CFP Board’s education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements. 

Completing this program also means you’ll have met the education requirement for CFP® Certification Examination administered by the CFP Board.

Finally, with our accelerated schedules, monthly class starts, no set class times, and 100% online degree formats, this B.S. in Finance program lets you earn your degree as conveniently as possible.

Reasons to Choose our M.S. in Finance Degree

Completing our Master’s Degree in Finance is designed to hone your leadership, analytical, and operational skills to give you a competitive edge in this challenging industry.

This program is widely recognized as a top-ranked program and has won several well-respected rankings, including:

  • A #1 ranking on 25 Best Online Master’s in Finance for 2020 from Best Masters Programs.
  • A #4 ranking on Best Online Master's in Finance Programs of 2022 from Intelligent.
  • A #9 ranking on the 25 Best Affordable Online Finance Degree Programs (Master's) 2020 from Affordable Schools.

Our M.S. in Finance alumni also report finding impressive real-world success one year after completing their program, with a median salary that is 6% higher than the national average for all master’s degree holders.

CSU Global itself has also recently won several important awards, including:

  • A #1 ranking for Best Online Colleges & Schools in Colorado from Best Accredited Colleges.
  • A #1 ranking for Best Online Colleges in Colorado from Best Colleges.
  • A #10 ranking for Best Online Colleges for ROI from OnlineU.

Finally, CSU Global offers competitive tuition rates, and a Tuition Guarantee to ensure that your tuition will not increase for as long as you remain enrolled.

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