Recently, we discussed what cybersecurity professionals do and why it’s such an important industry, and here we’ll explore which degree is best for launching a successful career in the field.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll review a series of important topics, including which degree programs are best for aspiring cybersecurity professionals, why you should consider entering the field in the first place, and what sort of jobs you can get after earning your degree.

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What Degree is Best for Launching a Career in Cybersecurity?

When looking at which degree is best for kickstarting a career in cybersecurity, it's important to look at what cybersecurity professionals do on a regular basis.

Cybersecurity professionals play an important role in making sure an organization's systems, applications, data, and digital infrastructure are protected from malicious cyber threats. 

In order to successfully protect an organization's systems and data, cybersecurity professionals must have a strong understanding of highly technical concepts. 

For this reason, the best degree to successfully start a career in the industry is one that focuses specifically on the technical skills, tasks, and responsibilities you will have as a cybersecurity professional. 

CSU Global’s online Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity is the perfect option, as this program provides students with the skills, expertise, and confidence needed to perform the common tasks required of cybersecurity professionals. 

And while earning a B.S. in Cybersecurity is the most effective way to start a successful career in cybersecurity, other programs such as Computer Science, Computer Programming, Information Technology, and other similar technology fields, can also help prepare students for a successful career. 

What are the Best Bachelor’s Degrees for Cybersecurity Professionals?

There are numerous degrees that you could consider when preparing for a career in cybersecurity, including degrees in cybersecurity itself, in computer science, computer programming, or other relevant IT fields. 

With that said, some degrees tend to prepare students better than others, and below we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best degrees to help launch a successful career in this challenging and competitive industry.

If you’re dead-set on starting a career in cybersecurity, here are the degrees that you should consider earning:


Earning a degree in cybersecurity is the single best way to achieve a successful career in the industry. 

A specialized cybersecurity program will provide students with the necessary knowledge of techniques and best practices for careers in network security, cybersecurity management, and cybersecurity operations. 

CSU Global’s Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity is a great option for those looking to begin their career in cybersecurity, as the program was developed specifically for students who want to achieve a successful career in the industry. 

Computer Science

A computer science degree, like the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science program from CSU Global, provides a comprehensive introduction to computing, covering both theoretical concepts and practical technical skills. It aims to give students a broad understanding of computing systems. 

A computer science degree is an excellent foundation for students interested in cybersecurity, by providing the knowledge and skills needed to address various cybersecurity issues related to computing systems.

Machine Learning

A machine learning program will cover topics such as regression algorithms, decision trees, and neural networks. These programs also teach you about the iterative nature of the training process and how to eliminate bias from it. Additionally, you will learn about different types of learning such as supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised learning.

Cybersecurity utilizes machine learning to detect and analyze threats in real-time. By understanding how to develop or train these models, you will be able to enhance the security of your organization’s computer networks.

If you’re looking to learn about the latest and most innovative cybersecurity solutions, then you should certainly consider earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Machine Learning from CSU Global.

Information Technology Management

Earning a degree in IT Management could help prepare you for a managerial role within an organization. IT Managers are accountable for aligning all technology assets according to the organization's requirements. They supervise the management of software, hardware, networks, data, and the personnel who handle them.

An IT management degree program equips you with both technical expertise and people skills. It covers aspects such as operations, risk management, and leading teams.

Ensuring the security of computer systems is a challenging task that requires a team effort, and managing groups of cybersecurity experts is an essential aspect of securing these systems. 

CSU Global’s Bachelor’s Degree in Information Management will provide you with the necessary skills to manage personnel, as well as understand the technical aspects of securing an organization's systems.

Computer Programming

Computer programming, sometimes referred to as software development or software engineering, is a highly sought-after skill that applies to many different industries and organizations. For those interested in the software aspect of cybersecurity, this program is definitely worth exploring.

As a cybersecurity professional, you may have to create programs to counter malicious activity in computer systems. This can include protecting on-premise systems and cloud networks. 

Additionally, having an understanding of the techniques used by hackers in creating malicious software, such as viruses or malware, will give you an advantage in securing networks.

Database Management

Databases store valuable and critical information collected by companies. Given the importance of this information, it is also a primary target from cyber criminals.

A database administration degree equips you with the skills and experience needed to securely manage databases, including the knowledge of encryption techniques such as encryption at rest and in transit, as well as access and authorization protocols.

Network Administration

Network administrators are in charge of managing the connections between devices, software, and databases. Your responsibilities include the daily operation of these systems, identifying system needs, installing and supporting both software and hardware.

Having a degree in network administration is essential for ensuring the security of an organization's networks. The skills and knowledge gained from a network administration program will enable you to design, safeguard, and manage networks effectively.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a way of accessing various computer-based services such as storage, software, analytics, and more over the internet. It is becoming increasingly popular among organizations as it allows them to innovate and expand their businesses by providing on-demand services.

Cloud computing security is crucial as these services can be accessed through the internet, making them vulnerable to hackers globally if not properly set up. As more and more companies shift from traditional on-premise networks to the cloud, cloud-based cybersecurity becomes a primary concern.

Information Security & Assurance

Information security involves safeguarding data and systems from unauthorized access. It involves protecting sensitive and private data by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to both digital and physical copies of it.

Ensuring that data is accessible, reliable, and only available to authorized users is crucial in a computer system. A degree in information security and assurance will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure only authorized users have access to critical data sets.

Computer Forensics 

This degree program focuses on the study of digital evidence in media and computers. If you are inclined towards investigative work, it could be a suitable program for you.

Throughout the cybersecurity industry, this type of analysis is vital in collecting evidence related to intruders or data breaches. It equips you with the ability to aid your organization in identifying cybercriminals and providing proof of their wrongdoings.

Why Should You Consider Getting into Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is an excellent field for launching a successful lifetime career, and there are several compelling reasons to consider a career in the industry, including:

  1. The field is expanding, and the need for cybersecurity experts is expected to continue increasing in the coming years.
  2. Cybersecurity professionals play an essential role in protecting data and systems from various cyber threats.
  3. Top roles in the industry offer competitive compensation, including high average annual salaries.

Job Requirements for Getting a Job in Cybersecurity

Having technical skills and knowledge is important, but it is not the only thing that employers look for in an applicant. 

In order to be successful in an interview, it is essential to have a well-rounded set of soft skills as well.

Here are some of the top hard and soft skills cybersecurity professionals will need to successfully break into the industry:

  • Attention to Detail: Attention to detail is crucial in the cybersecurity industry, as even small system vulnerabilities can lead to the exposure of sensitive business or consumer data.
  • Adaptability: The priorities of any cybersecurity professional can change quickly, and those in the industry must be able to adapt to constantly shifting demands and evolving cyber threats.
  • Stress Management: Protecting a company's systems and databases can at times be stressful, cybersecurity professionals need to be able to manage their stress effectively.
  • Systems Analysis: A key aspect of cybersecurity is assessing an organization's current systems. Aspiring cybersecurity professionals must be able to conduct a cyber risk analysis to proactively identify and manage risks and develop strategies to protect vulnerable systems and information.
  • Computer Programming: Cybersecurity professionals should have at least a basic understanding of writing computer code, so they can ensure programming hasn’t been corrupted and is functioning properly.
  • Cloud Security: Organizations are continuously moving their operations to the cloud, however this presents new risks for cyber criminals to capitalize on. As a cybersecurity professional it will be your job to understand cloud software and mitigate the risks associated with using cloud platforms. 

Getting your bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity is the perfect way to develop the foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities you’ll need to provide real value to an organization as a cybersecurity professional, and it’s also one of the best ways to improve your marketability for cybersecurity jobs.

What Jobs Can You Get After Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity?

Completing a Bachelor's degree in Cybersecurity, such as the one offered by CSU Global, will make you qualified for multiple highly respected positions in the industry, including roles like:

Completing your degree in cybersecurity will open up a wide range of career opportunities. The positions listed above are just a brief list of some common positions, but in reality, the possibilities are endless with a background in this field.

Keep in mind too that the positions available to those who have successfully completed a related bachelor’s degree are likely to be higher paying and more interesting roles than those available to people who enter the industry without relevant academic credentials.

Should You Get Your Cybersecurity Degree Online?

Yes, you should certainly consider getting your cybersecurity degree online. 

Online programs offer significant benefits, including allowing you to learn from anywhere, with no need to commute or relocate, and many online programs offer the same high-quality education as traditional brick-and-mortar schools.

CSU Global’s online programs offer maximum flexibility since they were designed to be completed online from the ground up. To make our programs as convenient as possible, we offer several excellent benefits, including:

  • No requirements to attend classes at set times or locations.
  • Access to monthly class starts.
  • Accelerated, eight-week courses.

Thanks to these benefits, studying online with us could make it much easier to juggle your studies with existing work and family responsibilities.

If you’re looking to get your degree, but you’ve already got a busy schedule, then you should definitely think about studying online at CSU Global.

Why Should You Pick CSU Global for Your Degree in Cybersecurity?

Our online cybersecurity program will prepare you for a successful, lifelong career in this challenging, but lucrative industry, no matter what niche you choose to specialize in.

All our cybersecurity faculty have recent industry experience, while the program’s curriculum is aligned with professional certification exams that employers demand for cybersecurity professionals, including:

  • (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
  • (ISC)2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)
  • EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (EC-Council ECES)
  • EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (EC-Council ECIH)
  • CompTIA A+, Network +, Security+, and Project+

Completing our 100% online cybersecurity program will provide you with competence in the areas associated with the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam, preparing you to deliver great results from your first day in the office.

This program is also widely recognized as one of the best programs in the industry, as it currently holds several excellent rankings, including:

  • A #3 ranking on Top 10 Online Cyber Security Undergraduate Certificate Programs for 2021 from Security Degree Hub.
  • A #10 ranking on Best Online Cyber Security Degree Programs of 2022 from Intelligent.

CSU Global itself also recently earned several important and prestigious rankings of its own, including:

  • A #1 ranking for Best Online Colleges & Schools in Colorado from Best Accredited Colleges.
  • A #1 ranking for Best Online Colleges in Colorado from Best Colleges.
  • A #10 ranking for Best Online Colleges for ROI from OnlineU.

Finally, to help save you time and money on the costs of your degree, we offer competitive tuition rates, a Tuition Guarantee that ensures your low tuition rate won’t increase from enrollment through graduation, and the opportunity to earn credits via our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program.

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