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What are MIS and Business Analytics, and Why Do They Matter?

Here we’ll review what Management information systems (MIS) and business analytics are, why they matter, why you should consider getting a Bachelor’s Degree in MIS and Business Analytics, and where you should complete your degree.

MIS and business analytics are terms used differently by different organizations, but typically, each of them refer to a similar reporting system or process.

Simply put, management information systems and business analytics often refers to the computerized databases and reporting processes that managers use to measure the effectiveness of their organizations, departments, teams, initiatives, or even specific personnel.

MIS and Business Analytics are commonly used to measure “actual” vs. “planned” business results, allowing managers to determine how effectively departments, teams, and personnel have been at hitting projected business goals and objectives.

The reason that MIS and business analytics are so important is that they are essentially the backbone of organizational reporting, helping decision makers at any level access the data needed to determine the success of teams, campaigns, and organizational initiatives.

When an organization is looking to measure or improve performance, evaluate the effectiveness of certain initiatives, strategies, departments, or personnel, there’s a good chance that management information systems and business analytics will be involved in at least some part of the reporting process.

Information Systems vs. Business Analytics - What's the Difference?

Depending on how these terms are used, there can either be no difference at all between “management information systems” and “business analytics”, or they can refer to vastly different things.

Some organizations do use the terms interchangeably, while others may refer to the actual databases and IT infrastructure used to collect and store performance data as a “management information system”, whereas they’ll call the process of pulling and interpreting MIS data “business analytics.”

Again, the meaning and use of these phrases can change, sometimes considerably, between organizations, but the important thing to note is that both of these terms typically refer to organizational reporting systems or processes.

This means that both MIS and business analytics are absolutely essential to the success of any organization, since the ability to review real-world results and determine what should be adjusted to deliver better results is vital for driving, maintaining and improving operational success.

Do I Need a Bachelor’s Degree to Work in the Field?

Not necessarily, but, if you’re interested in a leadership role using MIS and business analytics to help organizations improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness, then getting your Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics can help prove you’re well-qualified for the job.

Training your MIS and business analytics skills and abilities in an academic is one of the best ways to improve your ability to build, deploy, and utilize these sorts of systems and reporting processes, and especially for figuring out how to uncover actionable insights that aren’t just interesting, but which are actually useful for improving organizational effectiveness.

By harnessing the power of MIS and business analytics, you should be able to bring value to any organization from day one.

What Can You Do With a Bachelors in MIS & Business Analytics?

Completing a Bachelor’s Degree in MIS and Business Analytics will ensure you’re prepared to assume a leadership role in directing organizational reporting processes, and thereby helping to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of the business units or initiatives that you’re assigned to review.

As a graduate from CSU Global’s online B.S. in MIS & Business Analytics program, you’ll be ready to complete a series of mission-critical tasks, including:

  • Helping to achieve business objectives with data-driven solutions, backed by research and data, not assumptions.
  • Improving processes tied to core business concepts, including enhancing management, strategy, and finance operations.
  • Performing systems analyses and helping design and manage databases, as well as overseeing data mining operations. 

Obviously, these responsibilities are vital to organizational effectiveness, which is why completing your bachelor’s in MIS and Business Analytics could help advance your career as an organizational leader.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Bachelor’s Degree in MIS & Business Analytics?

Getting a Bachelor’s Degree in MIS & Business Analytics from CSU Global will help prepare you to drive organizational success, thereby improving your marketability for related leadership roles regardless of industry.

According to the BLS, top management information systems and business analytics job titles include:

Should I Get My Bachelor’s in MIS & Business Analytics Online?

Yes, getting your degree online is an excellent idea.

CSU Global’s Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems & Business Analytics can be completed 100% online, and it offers several advantages compared to traditional, campus-based programs.

Namely, our accelerated, online degree program was designed to help you juggle education, work, and family responsibilities, with no requirements for showing up at set times or physical locations, monthly class starts, and accelerated eight-week courses.

What is the Best School for MIS & Business Analytics?

You should consider getting your Bachelor’s degree in MIS and Business Analytics from CSU Global for several reasons, including:

  • Our MIS & Data Analytics program is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which means it’ll be respected by potential employers.
  • We recently earned a #1 ranking for Best Online Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems Programs from Best Colleges.
  • We also earned a #3 ranking for Best Colleges in Colorado by Best Value Schools.
  • And we earned a Gold School of Distinction award from Best Colleges, making us one of only 15 schools to receive gold rankings, out of more than 2,000 online degree programs.

Furthermore, CSU Global offers competitive tuition rates and a Tuition Guarantee to ensure your rate won’t increase, thus helping to save your time and money.

To get additional details about our fully accredited, 100% online Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems & Business Analytics, please give us a call at (800) 462-7845, or fill out our Information Request Form.

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