The Most Common Personality Traits In Successful People

By Aimee Laurence - December 9th, 2019

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Although you can’t exactly up and change your personality just to be successful, there are a few traits that you can recognize within yourself and nurture so that you’ll get into a better mindset for success. Many successful people have already recognized these traits within themselves and worked on them to get optimize their ability to succeed in the business world, allowing them to accomplish great things. Check out the list below for a few of the most influential personality traits successful people have.


Even when things are at their darkest – when your business has yet to profit, when your workload just keeps mounting – smile! If you’re going through the worst of times, then the best of times is yet to come. Furthermore, learning to get through every day with a smile on your face will also help you motivate your coworkers, in addition to yourself. Instead of being pessimistic, be optimistic, and face every challenge head on – see your failures as opportunities to learn and tackle self-doubt head on.


“No one becomes a millionaire from being unprepared and disorganized; it’s a simple fact.” Laura Moxley, a lifestyle blogger at My Writing Way and SimpleGrad, says. “If you want to become successful, you need to start being on top of your work and home life, perhaps by introducing checklists of what you need to do every day or a rota system for the housework.” Becoming organized might be the easiest trait to develop because of the sheer amount of resources available (from diaries to apps) to help you become organized. By freeing yourself from constant admin work and disorganization, you can focus on success.


Many successful people didn’t make it big with their first attempt: some created products or founded organizations that ended up being complete failures. They had to pick themselves up and try again – and again, and again, and again – before they got it right and struck gold. Don’t expect achievements and accomplishments to come easily just because you’ve got a new attitude and work ethic; obstacles will still be there between you and success. Work, work, work, and never give up.


If you’re going to be successful in business, then you’ll most likely have to network and form connections with other people at some point. For those who are gifted with great people skills, utilize them in order to appeal to future employers or other businesspeople with whom you want to connect. However, for many individuals it can be difficult to strike up an easy conversation with a stranger – especially when your future is riding on it. While it will still be helpful to work on developing better people skills at your own pace, it is no longer necessary. Thanks to the digital age we are now living in, it is easier than ever to communicate with employers and businesspeople through online mediums. There are countless resources available to facilitate communication in the business world without ever having to even meet. So, whether you are an outgoing person or not, it has never been easier to make connections and network effectively.


You’ll never get anywhere if you “play it safe.” Entrepreneurs – generally, the most successful people in the world, due to their amazing business, investment, and people skills — have to serve as thought leaders and execute on their ideas. If you do what is expected of you, and fit in with the people around you, you’ll never be noticed or inspired to do anything new and different. When society says no, you have to break down barriers and turn that ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ all by yourself, developing your risk-taking attitudes and standing out in a business environment. Whether you’re called eccentric or innovative, it all means the same thing: you have a willingness to let loose and do the opposite of what is expected of you, all in the name of amazing results and business opportunities.

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