job hunt blues

Don’t Worry: Everyone Goes Through Job Search Blues

Career Expert Andrew Hudson from Colorado’s popular job search site writes about the importance of staying positive during your job search. I recently received a few different messages from job seekers who were feeling beat down by the job seeking process. One told me, “I’m stuck!  I’m usually a positive, energetic person, but today, …

Jay Pilot

A Brother in Arms and Education

Learn more about the dedicated staff members serving and supporting our students. This month’s staff spotlight is on SFC (Ret.) Jay Drake, our lead expert on all things military. Sergeant First Class (Ret.) Jay Drake is our Learning Solutions Manager who works primarily with those incoming students with a military background, whether currently or past. …

what your language

Watch Your Language

You may not realize it, but your writing defines you.  Your writing can be someone’s first impression of you. And even if someone already knows you, they may still judge your intelligence based on how well (or poorly) you write.  Regardless of if you’re applying for a job or posting on social media, you want …

april and mark

Overcoming Fears and Making Time for What Matters

We want to spotlight some of the dedicated students, faculty, and staff who make CSU Global what it is. Sharing their stories is an opportunity to connect our online learning community of peers all around the world.  We hope their stories inspire you just as they inspire us. When April Reynolds was just shy of 24 months …

studying math online

Top 6 Tips for Success in an Online Math Class

This is a guest blog post from our partner Straighterline and their blog. It is written by Math Professor Dan Gryboski. Straighterline is a great resource for students who need more credits to transfer in to CSU Global. Has it been years since you’ve taken a math course? Have you been anxious about going back …


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