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Advice from One Alumnus to You

Dan Wilson is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and CSU Global graduate who wanted to share some of the best things college had to offer him. He also has shared a free e-book he wrote on the subject of relationship building that you can download below.  What is the best way to be successful at CSU Global? …

reinvigorate yourself through learning

How You Can Reinvigorate Yourself through Learning

Going back to school online after being out of the swing of things for a decade can seem really intimidating, but is it actually as scary as you make it out in your head? I knew that to get ahead in my career, I needed to further my education.  I’m a big believer in both …


Teaching a Love for Technology

Learn more about the dedicated staff and faculty members serving and supporting our students. This month’s faculty spotlight is on instructor Dr. Jacqueline Derby. Since 2013, Dr. Jacqueline Derby has been an Online Teaching and Learning faculty member for Colorado State University-Global Campus.  Her love for technology grew when she began servicing and repairing PC …

why would should ask your employer about paying for school

Why You Should Ask Your Boss about Employer Tuition Reimbursement

You may not even realize it, but your current employer could be the key to helping you afford your education. How? Well, many companies actually partner with higher education institutions so they can provide their employees with some type of tuition reimbursement program. Some employers will pay for you to get your degree altogether. Employer …

things you should know about accounting

A Fun Infographic on Accounting

Accounting is a critical function of nearly every organization. It’s not a field for everyone though—some thrive on the necessary skill set of planning and attention to detail that it takes while others cringe at the idea of pouring over the Excel spreadsheet formulas and pivot tables. If you’re in the first group and just love …


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