The Business of Leadership and Values

Johnny Morris went from flying F-4 Phantom Jets in the U.S. Navy to serving as an executive leader in public holding companies.  Now he’s an instructor for CSU Global. Business is Johnny Morris’ business; which is why we at CSU Global are proud to have him on our faculty as an instructor teaching a variety …

critical thinking

Make Yourself Indispensable – Developing Your Critical Thinking Skills

This is the first in a series on how to make yourself indispensable at work in the new year by strengthening your soft skills. Soft skills are attributes that allow you to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people and add value to your role and responsibilities. You don’t often see them listed on a …

dustin jackson

Meet Dustin Jackson, CSU-Global’s Gift of Education Scholarship Recipient

Dustin withdrew from college 15 years ago because he needed to start working full-time, he now has the chance to finish what he started at CSU Global. At CSU Global, we stand behind our commitment to students completing their goal of earning a degree.  This is why we launched a special, full-tuition Gift of Education …

new year new you with csu global

Eight New Year’s Resolutions for Students

If your New Year’s Resolution this year is to get a better education we’ve got some New Year’s Resolutions to add to that to help you achieve your goal. It’s that time of year, where we start to think of ways we can better ourselves and our future. If your goals involve finishing your degree, …

Parker Johnson

Travel Junky Works on Degree While Backpacking

Travel Junky Works on Degree While Backpacking We want to spotlight some of the dedicated students, faculty, and staff who make CSU Global what it is. Sharing their stories is an opportunity to connect our online learning community of peers all around the world.  We hope their stories inspire you just as they inspire us.  Parker Johnson …


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