Is Data Analytics a Good Career?

By CSU Global - August 16th, 2021

Studying to Become a Data Analyst

Recently, we reviewed what you can do with a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics, and here, we’ll explain why you’d want to study data analytics in the first place.

We’ll review the many reasons to consider starting a career as a data analyst, whether or not you really need a degree in the field to get a good job, what you can do with an M.S. in Data Analytics, and why you should consider studying online with CSU Global.

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Why Should You Consider a Career in Data Analytics?

There are several good reasons to consider studying data analytics, including:

  1. The field is growing and demand for data analytics professionals is projected to rise much faster than average.
  2. Data analytics experts are essential to modern business operations, helping to drive organizational success.
  3. Salaries for top industry positions are excellent, making it a great field to launch a lifelong career in.

The Field of Data Analytics is Growing Rapidly

It’s a fantastic time to get into data analytics because the demand for professional business analysts, big data analysts, and other related roles has grown significantly in recent years.

Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that industry jobs will continue to see great rates of growth in employment over the next decade, far outpacing the average rate of growth for all occupations, which is just 4%. 

In comparison, BLS’s estimated growth for analytics-related roles between 2019 and 2029 looks fantastic:

Even if you’re not interested in these specific positions, there are many other related roles that you could consider pursuing as a trained data analyst.

Data Analysts Play a Critical Role at Modern Organizations

If one of your career goals is to get into leadership or management-level positions, then data analytics may be the perfect field to study.

Why? Because data analysts are some of the most important members of modern businesses, since they’re the individuals responsible for reviewing performance metrics, interpreting the data, then developing strategies to drive organizational performance.

When any organization needs to make a critical business decision around its core operations, including business development, marketing, IT, HR, or accounting, it’s likely to turn to data analysts for assistance in the decision-making process.

If you want to become an indispensable member of a modern organization, data analytics could be the perfect discipline.

Salaries for Top Roles in Data Analytics Are Excellent

If you stick with it and work your way up into the top job roles for data analysts, you’ll have a good chance of earning a considerable salary.

Here’s a quick look at some senior-level industry roles for graduates of data analytics programs:

These roles are better suited for graduates of Master’s programs in Data Analytics, but even the jobs available to graduates of Bachelor’s programs in MIS and Business Analytics tend to provide extremely competitive salaries, including:

Remember that these are just a shortlist of potential job titles you could pursue after studying MIS, business analytics, or data analytics and that the full list of potential job titles would be much longer.

If your long-term goal is to develop a lucrative set of skills that will help you earn a great salary, then you’ll certainly want to consider getting your degree in an analytics-related subject area.

Do You Really Need a Degree in Analytics?

While it’s possible that you could land a good job in data analytics without a degree, it’s almost certainly going to be more difficult than doing the same thing with the proper academic credentials.

If you’re serious about breaking into business analytics or data analytics, we recommend completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s program to prove that you’ve developed the skills and abilities needed to become a professional data scientist.

Earning your degree in a related discipline will prove to managers that you’re well-versed in industry best practices and prepared to provide value to their organization from day one.

And if you’re wondering which degree would be right for you, remember that a Bachelor’s Degree would likely be enough to get your foot in the door with an entry-level role, but that managerial or leadership roles will probably require you to complete a related Master’s program.

Why Should You Consider Studying with CSU Global?

CSU Global’s online Master’s Degree in Data Analytics is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the most exclusive accreditation standard available.

Our M.S. in Data Analytics program was designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge, skills, abilities, and leadership skills needed for senior-level positions in analytics, and all of our courses are taught by educators who have relevant and recent experience in the field.

Furthermore, our M.S. in Data Analytics program was recently ranked the #3 Best Online Master’s Degree in Data Analytics by Best Masters Programs, and CSU Global itself also recently won two important awards as well, including:

If you choose to study data analytics with us, you’ll also get the chance to pursue one of four optional, industry-leading SAS academic badges, which are stackable credentials that can help you demonstrate your analytics expertise and prove your value to potential employers.

Finally, CSU Global offers competitive tuition rates, a Tuition Guarantee to ensure your rate won’t increase for as long as you remain enrolled with us, and for our undergraduate programs, Alternative Credit Options like Credit By Exam, Self Study Assessment (SSA), and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) to help save you time and money.

To get additional details about our fully accredited, 100% online Master’s Degree in Data Analytics, please give us a call at 800-462-7845, or fill out our Information Request Form.

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